Question about my eligibility to join Submariners (dual nationality concern)

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Zerrhh, Nov 20, 2012.

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  1. My father is English and my mother is Thai and I hold a British passport and no other. However, I was born in Thailand and lived there for 8 months till my father managed to get a visa for my mum, since then I've lived in England. I know for the submariners you're not allowed to be dual national. Would I be classed as this? I'm not overly bothered as the fleet was my first choice, however I do find it slightly annoying that I couldn't join submariners even if I wanted to just because my mum happens to be Thai. Thanks.
  2. I'd mention the slight annoyance if I were you. They hate it when people are slightly annoyed and it puts them in a right old tizz I can tell you.
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  3. well played sir.
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  4. Unless someone on this site knows, you will have to take this up with the recruiters, as you only hold the one passport are you truly classed as a joint national? I do not know, ask the recruiter’s to find out for you?
  5. Good one.

    The recruitment guy I spoke to on the phone didn't really know. I'm attending a presentation in Nottingham sometime in December so I guess I'll ask them in person there. Just wanted to see if anyone on here knew anything about it. Doubt I'm the first mixed race person to attempt to join the navy, so hopefully I'll find out.
  6. I suppose you could ask the government passport agency what they class your nationality as?
    I have met mixed/screwed up nationals whilst I was in the mob, they were allowed in so it must happen, or did?
  7. If your preference is the surface world what's the problem, you can always transfer to boats once your in and any nationality problems have been sorted.
  8. In the 60s on 706NAS we had a NAM who was half Tibetan and from memory he was born abroad.
  9. I can black cat the one above ....we had loads of different nationalities on the RAUT courses at Portland, also on the squadrons as well...quote. Scouse We had an Indian Naval/airman on the Squadron, who was up before the Master at Arms for not shaving."why havent you had a shave" "Master i am awaiting spare parts for my razor " / "what spare parts" ? / "mainly razor blades! The Jhoss and everyone burst out laughing and let him off
    Reply from Slim....Remember him well Scouse, NAM Sejpol, used to carry a newspaper article telling how he walked 300 miles or so from some remote vilage in asia to join the RN.
  10. Well you foos probably wouldn't know due to lack of or no sea time but we used to have Chocky Dhobi and chocky tailors onboard who were definitely not British :twisted: :fish:
  11. They seem to be so tight on entries Nationalities these days.

    Served with all sorts, lots of Irish, a Canadian who had a British Grandfather, a UC from the Caribbean who couldnt speak understandable English and a SA who had a cousin in an eastern block armed forces.
  12. Served with every colour and nationality in the commonwealth I think, worse I encountered was 2 Belfast boys, when they were talking to each other over the engine room broadcast no-one had a scooby what they were saying..broadest NI accents I'd ever heard.
  13. We had a direct entry MEA on the Fife from the Punjab, trouble was he kept going sikh- on- shore.
  14. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Taxi for finks!
  15. He shouldn't need a cab just check his room to make sure he has not escaped, and take his internet device away from him?:D
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  16. Don't recall anything but wasps in my day not even the odd yarpy or dink, had a taff who couldnt speak English when he joined, but that's about it.
  17. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Boats in the 1960's had Australians, Canadians, South Africans and Rhodesians with a sprinkling of English, Scots, Welsh and NI lads
  18. There was a baby Tiff went through RNSMS who was of Oriental extraction (Malaysian?) - well we called him Yellow Bruce anyway! His uncle was a big shot with the Malaysian communists.

    Yep, you're ahead of me now.

    They drafted him to Bombers!
  19. A certain PO who successfully went through for hossifer was part Libyan, in fact his uncle was a colonel in the Libyan Army. Some on here may know who I mean.

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