Question about joining RNR with previous army med discharge

Guys (n Gals) - I was med discharged from the Army late 2007 and have since pottered along quite happily (sort of).

Now, my understanding was that I was discharged unfit for any further Army service but would that include the RNR also?

I receive a pension (for a knee injury) and sod all else and would manage the fitness test.

I have tried speaking to AFCIO but each time I get someone else with a plethora of contradicting information - so much so I think its a planned attack on my intellect (oh dear).

On the other hand - I would be interested in the role of MA (I had civvy quals from the ambulance service a long time ago).

Anyone able to give a straight, well informed, balanced and integre answer (hehehe)



The medical standards for entry are the same for the RN and RNR. I'm not sure what the Army standards are but if you have been discharged medically because of a knee injury, then I don't think it looks good. Obviously I don't know what the problem is, but if it is bad enough to result in medical discharge from one Service then it is likely to prevent reentry.



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Re: Question about joining RNR with previous army med discha

Yep, the other thing is that if you are in receipt of a medical pension & claim it should not be a bar to entry as you are now fit, then you would have to pay back the pension & be medically assessed for future military service.

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Re: Question about joining RNR with previous army med discha

To back up what has been already said to you:-

I recently had a young man who had been medically discharged from the Army and I checked if he could join both the Full-time and reserves and the answer in both cases was no. It will always depend on what you were discharged for and whether they can be coped with whilst serving.

Good luck, but I'm pretty sure you will not get in.



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