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Hello everyone,

I've been trying to find some info in the internet about this, but to no avail. Perhaps you can help me...

Do you know when was the Yellow Flag first used (aprox.) as a "court martial in session" signal? I'm trying to write an article about it, but I can't find any bibliography for such a specific topic.

Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated

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In any case, if someone can help, I'd appreciate it. Regards to all 8)
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I've just posted the previous info (museum etc) as a 'post reply' and it seems to work - perhaps the mods, in their infinite wisdom, can answer this :?
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I thank you all for your replies. :) I will try the Royal Naval Museum, as suggested.

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Maybe this is where the Yellow Flag and court martial comes from.

"Court Martial Gun"The Court-Martial gun (known unofficially as the "Rogue's Salute" or a "One-gun salute") is the signal gun fired at `Colours' on the morning of the day on which a naval court-martial has been ordered to assemble. A Union flag is flown from the peak halliards (at the yard arm in a single-masted ship) while the Court is sitting. In bygone days it was customary to fire a gun to muster on deck all hands in all ships present to witness a yard-arm execution; a yellow flag was hoisted and kept flying until the sentence has been carried out. When keel-hauling was a recognised punishment, a single gun was fired over the head of the malefactor as he was about to emerge from the water, `which is done as well to astonish him the more with the thunder thereof, which much troubles him, as to give warning unto all others to look out

Lifted from Pussers own site.

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