Question about flat feet


Hi all. I ask a question on behalf of my son. We live in Australia and he recently applied for an officer position in the Australian Navy, but was rejected because of flat feet. His feet are quite flat, not just a little. He wears orthotics in his shoes and has all his life. He doesn't have any pain from his feet.

However my wife is British and so he has British Citizenship, so I found a phone number on the Royal Navy website to call for enquiries.

My first question was whether he could apply for the Royal Navy. Yes, no problem.

My second question was whether the Royal Navy was worried about flat feet. Problem.

I was told that they would not answer any medical question, that he would need to ask about flat feet at his interview.

This is quite problematic. We would need to spend thousands of dollars buying flights, accommodation etc just to ask at the interview whether flat feet are a problem.

I've looked at the medical requirements and it talks about foot abnormalities like club foot or hammer toe. But nothing about flat feet.

Is anyone able to tell me whether reasonably serious flat feet is an issue for the Navy?

Cheers and thanks


Peter12 this is from JSP 950 in regards to feet, I'm far from an expert so can't really answer but can quote from the JSP.

e. Feet and toes. Confirm normal power, normal and symmetrical movement of the midfoot and fore-foot joints. Confirm normal movement of all toes and exclude the presence of deformities (club feet, flat feet, claw toes, scars and hard corns).

44. Flat feet. Candidates with mobile flat feet causing no symptoms may be graded L2. Those with mobile flat feet causing symptoms or with rigid flat feet are graded P8.

PM me if you want the whole JSP as a reference?


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So far as I can recall flat feet are no longer an issue per se, but injuries/conditions arising from having flat feet can be a show-stopper.

Prescribed orthotics can be a significant issue as they indicate a possibly chronic (long term/persistent/recurrent) history.