Question about eye surgery


Hello community members. I know this is probably best suited question for a medical staff but I'm just a bit desperate in finding similar experiences related to my problem. I've always wanted to join the Royal Navy, been working hard mentally and physically to achieve my goals. It's something that I want to do but looking at the requirements I see that 'Cataract or cataract surgery' is a contributor factor for getting permanent disqualified. I was born with congenital cataract but I had it removed when I was 4 year-old. Ever since, I've lived my life normally, I have no vision problems. The only thing however, is that I use contacts and glasses, without them I am able to see as well but not 100%.

I was wondering if anyone had a similar experience or know anyone who has gone through a similar experience. If they say no, can I appeal? I have gone to the eye doctor to get a medical opinion and I was told that my vision had improved because of the full development of my eye and I'm doing pretty good. I'm interested in the role of Communication and Information System Specialist. If anyone could help me out please. I literally can't sleep thinking about this.

Thank you :)