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Hey guys, I was just wondering if there is an exact bmi requirement?

I've been going to the gym for the last 3 years and have always been big built, Everyone that I see out says i'm built like a tank, I have a small belly but im very broad shouldered and can lift a hell of alot, I'm 6ft and last time i checked on the Wii i weighed 17 stone 6lbs although i don't look it? which puts me in the obese category of 33, 35 is medically obese.

Although i still am physically fit and can run my mile and a half in 11 minutes, i also wear glasses, will this effect my medical? will i get rejected because of my BMI?

Applying for AET.

I can't quote the bmi figure, however yes there is a limit.
Rather than getting an amateur opinion on here, best to talk to the Doctor at your Medical - he/she is the expert and will advise you should you require to lose weight etc.
In terms of fitness 11:13 is the male under 25 pass time.
Thanks for the reply, and yeah that seems to be what i keep reading, I applied for AET around 2 years ago now and passed my RT back then and now they've said they can process me, If i fail the medical will I have to restart the process over again and wait another 2 years? If not how long do I have to lose some weight?
In the medical you will be passed fit, temporarily unfit or permanently unfit. The middle option should merely pause your application, not require it to be restarted. The latter option is obviously end of the line....
Th exact that you are now being processed means you shouldn't be too far off getting a place on PRNC and eventually a place at Raleigh (all being well).
Good luck!
17 stone and 1.5m in 11mins is pretty good. I'm not sure what the doctors do with say, bodybuilders who are often way outside the bmi range for normal but have lower body fat. Tbh BMI is a load of crap when not combined with a body fat test, unless of course you look like Vanessa Feltz.

It can't hurt to lose as much fat before raleigh as possible tho can it? It will only make everything easier.
Without sounding like a knob I would say 1.5m in 11 mins isn't what I would call fit, it's a pass for sure, bear in mind that 11.13 is minimal fitness level for under 25's.


This topic has been done to death - please use the search function.

I don't care if it's muscle or fat- the effect on your joints is the same and your risk of early arthritis is the same. BMI isn't as crap as some make it out to be. Yes, professional rugby players have "obese" BMIs but their knees are trashed by mid-30s.


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Im 6 foot and when i went for my medical i was just outside the Max BMI figure, but the doc said he was gonna use his "doctors discrection" and passed me as medically fit...think i was about 14 stone at the time mate, so i reckon you might struggle at 17.
I had a BMI of 27.4 (5 foot 8, 180 pounds) when I did my medical and was borderline (33" waist so far from overweight). Doc recommended I lose a stone so I have (165 pounds, BMI of 25), in the mean time I did my PJFT with a time of 9min 57secs which I wouldn't call great.

Also worth remembering the doc will be seeing you practically naked so will be able to tell if you're overweight.
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