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Hi all, I am not in the navy but I need someone to answer this question has I don't know if it is a scam from someone who I being talking to in the navy. So if this is not allowed admin then please remove...
I being speaking to someone in the navy they said they can't get there allowance has there ex use to send it to them?. So she says she can't access her bank account from the ship she is on to get her money from the USA bank account...
I asked how does she get the money or allowance though then and she doesn't explain it...
So basically I am just here to find out how you guys get access to money while away at sea.? I believe she is in USA navy that's what she says and her uniform is.?
Thanks and again if this isn't the place to ask this question then please remove it or move it to the right section...
Thank you all.. SS


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It's a question which would probably get a better response, given that it relates to the US Navy, on a forum for people linked to the USN, Starship.

Having said that, I suspect that this person is asking you for money. Is that correct?


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How long have you known this person SS, if it s a longtime friend check that the account hasn't been hacked.


I haven't know her for long, actually from the site I met her another person has messaged me saying be careful has it is s fake profile and she took this person for £2000 So I think it is a very good scam....
Thanks guys I just thought I check to see how u army/navy cope with getting money that's all...
Thank you guys for replying back and I hope you all keep safe...x


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It seems clear to me that someone is trying to take advantage of your good nature. I think that it would be for the best if you didn't carry on corresponding with this person (if necessary, block them), as I suspect that they are just spinning you some tale in the hope that you, as the kind person you are, will send them some cash.

For what it is worth, no-one serving in any of the world's navies and especially ones like the USN and the RN would find themselves in a position where they were going without food while serving on a ship. They would be spoken to about this by other people and, whatever the reason was, things would be sorted out.

Don't worry about this person any more; go out and enjoy the sunshine instead.

PS One thing to bear in mind is that the 'woman' writing to you might not actually be female at all; it's actually more likely to be a man.
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This has the appearance of a variation of the scam where a "friend" is ill abroad and desperately needs money for medical assistance.

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