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Discussion in 'Films, Music, TV & All Things Artsy' started by Ballistic, Feb 5, 2016.

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  1. There's also this short video:

  2. Dunno. Some sort of decoy launcher I guess.
    It's a new one on me :confused:
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  3. Thought I'd give this a bump to remind anyone who wants to watch it tonight :)
  4. Worth the watch , glad I'm not a stoker in the fleet today :).
  5. Chip pie is good, can't tell the diff between shit and liquorice.
  6. Only seen the first 10 minutes so far and already preferring it over Sailor School
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  7. Maybe cause the parts where it shows matelots, shows matelots that have served, done their time, matured and are taking the piss out of a pussers engineer advert- if you can fix a skateboard you can fix a pipe filled with shit! Now I see why no one wants to be a stoker!

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  8. I pretty much agree with what Northern Matelot says.
    This one shows what the navy actually does in the real world.
    The Raleigh programme merely illustrates all the crap you have to go through to get there.

    By the way, 10/10 for your avatar :D
  9. It was pretty good. For me, there was too much time devoted to the hydrophobic police dog, but that will have kept some enthralled. I'm looking forward to the rest.
  10. I enjoyed most of it. Could have done without dog training bit which we have all seen a million times and the rather breathless style of voiceover.
  11. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Good-oh, considering that it is about the base rather than the RN per se. May just have missed the spot as a recruiting film for the engine room, but heigh-ho! the Torpoint ferry now sails through clean blue water ..
  12. Watched it last night and enjoyed it. Surprised that no bunting tossers have ponted out that a Commodore's broad pennant is not oblong with a single ball despite the narrator's authoratative voice on the matter.;)

    I felt for the Chippie and his team. Brought back memories of SATs onboard a Hunt Class when it was time for the sh*t tank to be tested. The lead ship of the class already had a reputation for being a bit smelly at times, so we we not that keen on commmissioning this system.

    There were two problems. Firstly the designers had created it to run on fresh and not salt water (which the bugs didn't appreciate), and secondly, the system was designed to be fed daily with the eflux from a full crew. At weekends the bugs got hungry and unless fed with powdered milk, created an awful stench. The moment the trial was over, the tank was flushed and I don't recall it being used again.

    I got the impression that the dockyard is less cluttered than in the '70s. I am guessing that a number of buildings have been demolished, hence the light and airy appearance, and the wasteland covered with weeds.
  13. Second episode was a good mix , liked the chaplains quip about his medals.
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  14. Episode 2 is being rerun now on quest 144 on sky.
  15. Type 21 shit tanks were the same. We used to have to account for milk powder carried specifically for this
  16. A script written by the Quest team, narrated and illustrated by bits of video featuring Navy ships and people. But it is very formulaic and predictable (like all other Quest stuff) - big up any mechanical problems as thought the end of the world is nigh, big up any navigational scenario as though a thousand ships a day do not dock every day without incident, a bit of lurve interest but up the ante by the bride being late by an hour. As I said Yawn.

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