My copy of Janes is 1970-71, it was bought by my then second wife as a crimbo present from a second hand book shop. It was 'fusty' when purchased, now it really chucks up, any thought on how to restore/remedy, I just want it smelling sweeter than it does at present.
Appreciated 2DD, Bob, wallet is a trifle thin at the mo after the Sony purchase, you know me, bugger all patience so will try talc and mebbee fabreeze,( talc by any other name) prob later today. Payday Thursday so will look again @ other recommendations.
Apologies 2DD, for fabreeze I read shake n vac, senior moment, I will bring you a pressy of POLO mints fresh from the Rowntrees factory when I rack up at your house warming do once you move to Cumbria, kill 2 birds with one stone, brother John has a static in the lakes and you can compare notes ( he is ex Coldstream ) on Peleponies. Talc so far is working a treat, starting from middle of book a slight dusting on each page, Janes are glossy paper so my fears of damp rot is zilch.

And before anyone comments, yes engulf and devour Swiss bastards Nestle did buy Rowntress to one up Suchards but the locals STILL call it Rowntrees, Joseph will be turning in his grave.
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