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Dear all,

I am new to the forum, my query today is regarding the upcoming medical after passing my recruiting test for Logistic Officer recently. I was also previously in the Army and left in 2014 and passed the discharge medical all good and the navy have my records up until 2014 which have been checked.

Upon scanning these forums I came across posts that stated if any medication related to stress such as “sertraline” has been prescribed, there is a 2 year clear rule. However, when I was filling out my medical questionnaire the subject “anxiety & depression disorders” I was never told i had this nor was I going to the doctors for this so this was a surprise for me and hence why I didn’t even tick the box, and I have been open and honest throughout my application. I went due to a lot of stress factors in my life that all came at once, as I don’t have much family to speak too. I was then given this medication within 2 minutes of seeing the doctor who hurried me away with a bit of paper saying go look into this and see if it will help basically.

After looking into what these tablets were I decided I definitely didn’t want to take them as I wasn’t even sure what they were properly when I left. I was given 14 days prescription on the lowest dose which was half a tablet. I haven’t took the medication and still have the original prescription signed by the doctor. Due to I wasn’t even aware this was even or could be classed as “depression” I’m not sure where I would stead in this matter. The consultation with the doctor was November 2017.

If anyone has any advice, it would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks


I'm not a medical profesional or anything like that so this is just my experience.
You should be alright, although I would expect that during the triage call they will make you 'TMU' while they request more information from your GP, this is completely normal and I've just got through that stage myself and got my face to face medical next friday. I had been prescribed some pills, never used them and took them back to my GP and they noted it down. For clarity my TMU status was for a very small bout of low mood.

Edit: And to add on, I returned the pills after deciding on wanting to join the navy. As long as you make it all clear and your GP has the information, should be alright.
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