Query re downloading v surfing.

This is a genuine query! I’m not a Luddite, but I do not ‘like’ computers, to me they are just another tool. Here in Spain we have lost the UK TV we used to enjoy, however, it is still available over the interweb thingy.

My question is this: if I download something, I have it for ever and I know that I will have used a certain amount of interweb to get it there. I am aware that downlading a movie for example has implications on your usage policy. If I am merely surfing or watching TV, will I be using the same amount of interweb?

Could somebody please explain in words of one or two syllables the differences between ‘surfing’ and ‘downloading’! Am I being penalised for reading a news-paper or just reading a forum?

I’m on a 1m contract – yes – you read that correctly, 1M, though between. 0.76 and 0.96 is normal. With around 0.90 and using Filmon I am getting the UK channels with virtually no buffering.

Thanks for your informed help!! :wink:

As an addendum, does leaving a machine on and connected to the interweb use up valuable resources? Apart from my leccy bill!
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Sonar ... are you using a land line broadband connection (as in phone line) or are you using a mobile to connect t'internet???

Things like emails etc will count towards your "download" i.e. data transfer so if you use a mobile connection you may see an element of data transfer showing. Not sure about surfing though although using my tablet to surf the internet using the phones as a wifi hotspot does increase the data transfer on the phone so think the answer to your question is yes ... probably!

However ... If your 'pute is wifi enabled have you searched for someone close to you with unrestricted wifi?? (like wot all these coffee shops advetise (free wifi) ... just piggy back off them and it doesn't come off your allowance! Some people have their own broadband connections set up as hotspots therefore if you are close enough to one link it up.


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SB the only difference between surfing and downloading is that downloading meens the files are put localy on your pc and you can access them any time you want without having an impact on your data usuage. Streaming a tv program , the file is not saved therefore if you watched it again you would incure twice the usuage. Only watching it once would be the same.

You would be better to ask your internet provider to have unlimited usuage if the tv problem over there is permanant.

Leaveing the pc on "might" have limited impact but nothing to really worry about .
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