Query on VA3 eyesight requirements

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by ukmoneypenny, Jun 5, 2009.

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  1. Hi

    Quick question on VA3 eyesight requirements. To be 6/60 do you need to be able to read the top line (or one big letter) on the opticians board? I read on here you do but the optician has put me down as 6/120 in left and right (after reading top line) then 6/60 together (reading second line down). I've applied for Medical Assistant and this will be the only thing holding me back. Totally bummed at the moment :cry:

  2. Ok so I've managed to answer my own question through abit of investigating. I'll put what I've found here just incase anyone else encounters the same problem.

    I went to Vision Express, who class you as 6/120 (usually one big letter) if you can read the top line of the chart, 6/60 if you can read the second line(usually two letters). BUT after talking with the lady in my local recruiting office they use Dollond and Aitchinson for their eyetest and if you can read the top line, one word, at D&A they give you a 6/60, which is the minimum standard for unaided vision. Now I don't know if this is nationally but it is for Birmingham recruiting office.

    If it wasn't for a post on here regarding the top line being 6/60 I would have given up and not even bothered to return my application form, but because of you lovely people (I haven't found anywhere half as knowledgeable as you guys) I'm finishing the forms this weekend. I'm an obstinate bugger and having got a second chance at life (I'm 35) and doing a role I've always wanted so I'm going to give it everything I've got.

    A more happy Penny :lol:
  3. it all depends on the chart they're using and the size of the room they have - i.e. how far they can make you stand from the chart. It should be 6 metres (which is the first 6 in the score they give you). In a 3m room, they use a mirror to double the distance. Sometimes they use a smaller chart.
    The moral of the story is, always sneek a peek at the snellen chart when you enter the room with your glasses on!
  4. Dont work! they change the letters some how, or im blind. I dont think i am blind as i got VA1.
  5. 6/120 is the top line of the chart 6/60 the second, the number decreases as the size of the letter decreases until you reach 6/6 which is perfect vision the yanks call it 20/20. if you see 6/120 right and left and 6/60 binocularly without spectacles you must have poor vision? however with your specs you should be able to see maybe 6/6 or 6/5, this i believe is standard 3 classification though if you have 6/120 it Maybe beyond the acceptable limit the best course of action is to collect n application form from the MOD and have the opticians fill it out for you. this link may provide you with a bit more information. http://www.aop.org.uk/uploaded_files/pdf/04-navy.pdf, pick up that application form and good luck with it all.
  6. The chart continues on past 6/6 (20/20) in most cases. My eyes are 6/4 - 6/5 unaided if I remember correctly. Bit of a shock for me given that I have worn glasses since the age of 3. They just fixed themselves somehow...
  7. I think all I can do is see what happens when I'm there. Reading stuff on the Snellen chart on t'internet most info is saying 6/60 is the top line. I wonder if 6/120 means you can't even see the top line as that's classed as legally blind? Which is strange because I could see the top line. With me specs on I'm 6/6 or 20/20. I can't cheat as most opticians now have an electronic Snellen chart which they switch on once your specs are off so taking a sneak pic isn't an option. But if anyone works at D&A in Birmingham I'd be happy to hear from them lol JOKE!!! :lol:
  8. I think 6/120 probably means they have an unusual chart which is made with an extra big top letter. Their second (6/60) letter should be the same size as the top letter on a normal chart.

    For interest, 6/120 actually means you can see from 6 metres what 'normal' people should be able to see from 120 metres. 6/6 is therefore normal and 6/5 better than normal (you can see from 6 metres what 'normal' people can only see at 5 metres).
  9. Congratulations shippers, you're becoming long sighted you old git. The muscles around your lens are becoming slightly tired with age and this is cancelling out your existing short sightedness. Unfortunately as it continues you'll need reading glasses, possibly in addition to normal glasses.
  10. last post meant to be in reply to Time to join up, but didn't quite seem to work as I expected.
  11. I did wonder who you were calling an old git :lol:
  12. Yeah - I gathered that. The optician was a little flaky on the facts but she let me know enough to do my own research. As for the old git - tell me about it. I've been to 5 parties in the last 2 weeks and I've been the oldest person at every one of them.

    (P.S before RJ gets a hard-on - they weren't children's parties ;) )
  13. Put some contact lenses in. Then when you have to read with your glasses ON, read over the top of them so you can see.
  14. Strangely, I think they might notice that, especially when they then have a look at the back of your eyes through an ophthalmoscope/slit lamp.
  15. If the test goes tits up then I guess laser eye surgery could be a possibility, although I'd have to wait another and at 34 already I ain't getting any younger! :?
  16. They say you have to wait a year after having the surgery done. But vthere is no way they can find out when you had it done unless you tell them. Just go get the surgery done and go pass the tests. Ultralase are great and you get a free concultation. Stay away fromn optimax. I bet you spend a fortune on glasses anyway so it's money well spent.
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  19. Nails, good to see you being your charming self as ever. This seems to have deviated from eyesight requirements to bizarre, vile fiction. Perhaps you should find another site for that. You are not needed here.
  20. really? how did you manage that?

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