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Im looking to joining the navy. The thing is ive been smoking alot of cannabis ive stopped now but ive done it for several years and im worried if that could affect me getting in. Ive been close to doing my first test but i keep botteling it at the last minute. My dad was in for 27 years ive always wanted to follow in his footsteps. I would like to be minesweeper it sounds very fun and i think id be very good at it. Im not nervous i just cant seem to get it in my head that il do ok ive done plenty of practise tests and always done well (50-70%) although maths is not my strong point everything else i fly through. if anyone has any advice or has been through the same sort of thing please advise.Thank you for your help. P.s sorry im new to the site so i posted this in the wrong place lol


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Float into the Careers Office & ask them- the truth is that as around 80% of the population have tried drugs in some way shape or form, it would be a trifle naive for the RN to think we only recruit from the 20% who are whiter than, er, Charlie.

The issue is there's a 100% zero tolerance once you enter the selection process & join. You are subject to compulsory random drug tests & if found positive, you'll be outside quicker than a toke on a reefer. There are also the psychological/nervous system medical issues to consider particularly associated with the long term use of Cannabis - just ask the geezer reading this over your shoulder, if he agrees: "There may be a problem Houston".

Good luck.



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The issue with the recruiting test is the questions aren't particularly hard, it's just that you have about 20 seconds per question, so you've got to work fast.

You get a practice test book off the AFCO, but there aren't a lot of questions in it.

This isn't a wind-up, the best way to practice the recruiting test is get some 11+ exam papers and practice the verbal, non-verbal reasoning, english & maths questions against the clock. You will be amazed how similar the questions are to the real test.

Good luck.
ok thankyou for the advice made things alot clearer. I have every intention of keeping off the weed theres only so long you can have your head up your arse. Looking forard to making somthing of myself so i guess i gotta keep my head down and keep practising....
I didn't move it, it must've moved itself! :money:

Oh, if you are going to join the mob, remember, we aren't all a bunch of hypocrites!

NO to drugs, YES to alcohol!


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