Query about submariners


Lantern Swinger
Having read as much of that thread as i can manage, the guy appears to be a 50(ish) year old throttle jockey.
I think he has been in the mob at some stage but has left and is now just being a tit.
This guys a complete troll.
'im onboard now in the mess using the intranet'.. since when has there been navynet terminals in the mess?..Theres barely room for an'uckers board never mind a PC. And even if there was a PC and it could connect he would surely need an IGS gateway password to access the internet proper. And would that be issued on a seagoing boat with all the OPSEC that entails. Methinks not.

'You would never get near to receiving the dolphins''You could achieve submarine quals?'..very strange syntax.. surely part 3 would be the ingrained terminology, and as for 'receiving the dolphins' something along the lines of a set of dolphins etc would be more expected from an experienced submariner.

He says hes staying in a Hotel Citta in Livorno.. stand fast D/E but ive not heard of many boats with a kettle stopping off there. And if he is telling the truth he should be strung up by his balls for breaching OPSEC.
'Bloody horrible going through Bay of Biskay, sat on throttles with a bucket'. Other users say hes stated his age as 52. Throttle Jockey at 52? Either he's a real flier or hes talking bull..
Im not even in the navy but there is a few signs his chatting sh*t.

1) Ive learned this on here that they dont call submarines subs

2) I know the boats are fast but i dont think there that fast to get where he is.

I may be wrong but thats what i think.


Lantern Swinger
Gotta disagree with you there mate, on the boat that i have just done a deployment with, we had laptops in each mess that connected to the intra and internet.

it is perfectly feasible. Gotta have it these days for JPA access!!

Secondly as its not the Part 3 anymore the SMQ guys use all sorts of different names as to their qualifications.

As i posted earlier if he is a 50 year old TCPO he aint a flyer :)