Queen's Regulations for the Navy-facial/head hair.

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by TurboThreaders, Sep 30, 2008.

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  2. Not a bootie so I can't answer the 'tache question, but was investingating sideburns the other day and I believe the rules are actually different for booties and matelots. RN, the sideburns musn't go below the ear, RM, the sideburns are only allowed halfway down the ear.

    I don't actually own my own copy of BR81, but if I remember then I'll grab a look at the coxn's copy tommorow. Beats doing any real work.
  3. The bottom of the earlobe OR where it attaches to your head?

    I have always believed its where you ear is attached to you head
  4. It is wise to square this away in advance with your Tp Sgt or CSM. Old school varieties used to set a date, generally a month away after which your fanny tickler would be inspected, and if weak, beef, or otherwise unsat you would be required to remove it. No special chit was required.
    Moustaches can theoretically grow sideways as far as you like provided they do not fall below the corner of the mouth - hence the waxed sideways points favoured by a certain CTC DL circa 1990.
    Sideburns are generally measured to the middle of the ear.
  5. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    Willing to be proven wrong but I am told that it is normally down to the middle of your ear, tested if there is any doubt, by the RSM gently ramming a pencil in your lughole :rambo:
  6. Can't help with RM mate, but the bottom of the ear is where jack is allowed to go to. I have a copy of BR81 to hand as i have entirely too much time on my hands too! Lol
  7. start up a chad tash comp
  8. Never saw many Taches that stopped anywhere near the bottom of the lip...
  9. BRd 2118

    2003 edition.

    section 3 notes on inspection.

    0135. FACE AND NECK.
    is the man clean shaved?


    1, men must shave each morning.

    2, check that troops' eyes do not follow the inspecting officer.

    a, THE HAIR

    (1) is the hair neat below the cap or head dress? hair is to be neatly cut and trimmed.

    (2) are the side boards not below the centre of the ear?

    as from RM dress regs 2003 edition.

    hope that helps.

    (not aware of a more up to date edition as far as i know).
  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

  11. Class Ninja. Comments and critique of Taches:
    1) Nice growth, going for extra Brownie points with the Corps pattern dressing gown/smoking jacket.
    2) Shades of YMCA/Marlboro Man here. Bound to score well.
    3) Biggles of the North West Frontier, I presume?
    4)Dirty sanchez. Say no more.
    5)A Mo and Sidies. "Hi, my names Slick and my starsign's Virgo..."
    6)You're having a.....
    7)GINGER, instant disqualification IMD.
    8)"I'm sorry Corporal [email protected]#!%" said the RSM "But that glued on joke shop effort is fooling no one."
    9) The 3 Commando Brigade RM Inter Services Moustache Growing Team.
  12. Ah now...BRs also state that "When on operations in a dusty, scary place, Royal may grow a moustache for a previously specified duration of any size, shape and colour (excluding ginger), and that if he is KIA during the tour, the moustache is to be returned immediately to the UK where it is to be mounted behind the bar of the relevant mess."

    It will then be worn by the designated mess member annually on the Corps Birthday, and is to be saluted by anyone below the rank of God, including the 2i/c's Jack Russell.

    Hope this helps.
  13. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    As a young thruster I remember applying black permanent marker pen to an oppos top lip attempt whilst loafing at poole for 40 to come back from belize, sad bugger had made CSM at last count, with a fine growler I might add.

    Take your sideburns off at the top of your ear, that way you only look a twat for a week or so as they grow down your head, alternativley you can go for the middle of the ear and look a twat full time as they will probably be lopsided.

    Full facial growlers not compolsury anymore? with fetchng cheekbone "flying" tache attachments for CQMS types?
  14. Surely 2 is Blobbs and 8 is NZ (I recognise the flat-ended soldering iron for ironing on library books Dewey spine labels...).

    No 7 is instantly recognisable as Cornishgolfer at the age of 30 and a teeny weeny bit ;)
  15. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Too much denial in that answer! GEEK ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    LMAO,,,19 years in and I've never even had a second thought about what BR stands for. I've read enough of them. British Regulations????

    Any writers spill the beans.
  17. Just for you

    Book of Reference [ the RN obviously didn't like Reference Book]

    :nemo: :nemo:
  18. You always know when its time to trim the side boards as most Sergeant Majors whilst on parade will carry a permanent marker. They will come up to you and draw a line where the feel you should have them.
  19. Ok Gents,

    I'm being asked by my employer to grow a tash for Movember in aid of mens health.

    Can anyone provide me with the exact wording of the regs on facial hair to give to my boss.

    I'm a reservist and have offered to grow a full set and shave it into a tash at the end of the month when I have no commitments but with remembrance day coming up i'm not prepared to grow a tash.
  20. BR3, Part 6, Chapter 38

    3818. Male Personnel

    Sideburns. Shall not extend below the ear lobe, shall be of even width, and shall
    be taper trimmed and squared off to conform to the overall hair style. Sideburns for
    RM Personnel shall not extend below halfway down the ear.

    Beards and moustaches. The Commanding Officer will permit all Naval Service
    (except RM) male personnel to request to wear full set beards. RM male personnel
    may wear moustaches at their option. Beards and moustaches shall be kept neatly
    trimmed especially, in the case of beards, at the lower neck and cheekbones.

    When the safety of an individual might be jeopardised by his beard or moustache,
    such as in the wearing of oxygen or gas masks, it shall be modified in such a fashion
    as to accommodate the type of equipment to be worn.

    Beards or moustaches shall be shaved off if the conditions of Para 3818 sub para e

    cannot be met.

    Nails. Are to be kept neatly trimmed and are not to be of an excessive length. No
    coloured nail polish (i.e. clear only, no nail art) is to be worn. False nails are prohibited.

    PS I know that you didn't ask about the nail polish, it's just at the end of that section!
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