Queen's Guards in X-rated film

Weeelll, Helloooo Tholdier.... :D

Must be something about being based in London, wasn't there an 'incident' a few years ago concerning the cavalry regiments ?


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Last night furious top brass had identified the four F-Company squaddies behind the disturbing display.

That must have been hard, given that they all show their faces :lol:
Can't touch them. Homosexuality is now almost encouraged, and the guards have always had more than their share of brown hatters.


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I cant understand the muppets who hawk this crap to the papers, same with the drugs thing the other day in one of the Jock Regts.

Not saying I support the squaddies who took drugs...I dont, but if these idiots can't be trusted with camera phones perhaps they should be banned.
LMFAO!! :lol: :lol:

But yeah - get the money grabbing [email protected] :twisted: of a camera man and insert the phone where the sun doesn't shine, 8O ensuring it is switched to vibrate, then call the number and let the fun begin!!! :lol:


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sussex2 said:
wet_blobby said:
Would that be the world famous "Buckie" that there drinking?
According to the scree it is.
I've never heard of anyone actually getting drunk on the stuff before; how much of it do you need.
According to the Jocks I employ this is how much you need

Aged 8 - 11 1/2 bottle

aged 11 - 14 1 Bottle

Aged 14 - 16 1 1/2 Bottles

16+ 2 bottles

Scots Guards - glass and a half + camera phone

When my employees moved down from Glasgee 2 years ago I had to take them on a pilgramage to Buckfast Abbey as its just down the road....they where'nt impressed to find out all the monks do is whack the labels on and bless it....they keep all the good stuff for themselves, whats sold is imported french crap.
Ban camera phone on service establishments. Didn't you used to have to register camera when bringing them on board in the past? Has this now stopped? Should they not bring this rule back?
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