Queens Guard retaliates to [email protected]@ taking student

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by YouAreHavingALaugh, Jan 23, 2009.

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  1. BZ to this percy, how would this little fecker like if someone came to his lectures and started annoying him, he would soon lash out. No of course it's not the done thing when you are guarding the royals but there is only so much one man can take. :D :D :D
  2. Happy with that, I saw a couple of lads monumentaly reamed at the tower of London about two years ago. They were ripping the piss out of a guardsman and one of the Yeoman Warders marched over and dished out the biggest bollocking I've ever heard, it was great. :D
  3. Don't blame the bugger myself.
  4. Wonder what the RN Police would have done if they saw that?
  5. BZ to the pongo! But aren't there coppers nearby to prevent this sort of thing? Im sure I remember seeing them when I was doing the tourist thing in London.
  6. Shown him their new epaulettes :lol:
  7. They probably wouldn't have to do a lot, as their brand new epaulettes would strike the fear of god in anyone !!!
  8. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Good effort Percy, bet the little scrote's glad he didn't p1ss a copper off on the underground.
  9. :D :D :D
  10. If he tried behaving like that in Copenhagen the guards would shout at him to keep his distance. I did enjoy seeing an over pushy Japanese tourist put in his place a few years ago by this method.

    Pongo's actions whilst understandable were nevertheless misguided. A policeperson should have shot the student and his gf as possible suicide bombers. After all who knows what was conceiled beneath that jacket. :twisted:
  11. South American, running through london......

    Watch and shoot, watch and shoot.......
  12. Crack...........thump................ Saint maria!!! :D
  13. Check check check
  14. Saw a similar thing at the war memorial in Lisbon. A tourist got a little bit too pushy and the guard simply walked over, turned the tourist around and pushed them hard. He never said a thing but it worked a treat.
    Do notice though that this must have happened some time ago as all the trees still have their leaves on.
  15. Especially as his gf says (as she's playing to the meeja) she thought "Oh, my god, he's got a gun and he's going for Nick"

  16. Good on ya Percy and it will hopefully make that little fecker think twice before attempting to take the piss again. What's he doing off school in the first place or are our taxes paying for that little shite to bunk off college to visit London?
  17. It's not likely that your taxes are paying for a South American to study at Oxford.

    I assume the Guards have a duty to actually protect the life and honour of the Queen, as well as the ceremonial marching? If so, I reckon this fits into that catagory. :p
  18. Why not? They pay to feed the fecking thousands of other immigrants to this once fine country of ours.
  19. 22nd July 2005? He did run off at pace......... 8O

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