Queen's ear plugs?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by SONAR-BENDER, Jun 4, 2012.

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  1. OK, so here I go for the second, no, third attempt.

    Jubilee concert is on and SWMBO is watching. I reared my head when the Queen was announced. Did anyone else notice that she appears to have yellow B&Q type foam earplugs fitted to both ears.

    Now, does this mean that the concert will be REALLY loud or that she caught a chill in them yesterday?
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  2. ..........deleted
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  3. from the standard of singing, without autotune being available, it was to block out the 'music' completely.

    If that's the standard of talent they can now produce, there are a number of 'stars' who really should call it a day
  4. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    \but did you see the legend that is .......Rolf Harris?
    Caught unawares and asked to sing acapella, then rushed off stage by the hugely funny Lenny Henry (incidentally, why the **** was he there? Does advertising hotel chains make you an automatic choice for such a prestigious event?)
  5. Tom Jones was the best performance of the night. Legend

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  6. A great concert, Madness were brill. Couldn't understand why Jimmy Carr was there, Cheryl Coles dress looked like she was being swallowed by a whale.
    Fitting tribute from Charles, the Queen seemed quite emotional.
    Good choice of my towney Robbie Williams to open the show.
  7. Elton John's jacket was just superb... I had to put sunglasses on in my lounge!
  8. Yes - and I think he was one of the few stars that actually knew who they were there for. Rolf is a gentleman in real life from the stories from people who have met him.

    In fairness he wasn't the only unfunny one there - Rob Bryant, Lee Mack and Jimmy Carr were majorly cring worthy
  9. I thought Prince Charles speech about them was very apt.
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  10. I thought when Prince Charles was speaking she was going to burst into tears.
  11. More Knights of the Realm back stage than you could shake a wicked stick at ... Sir Cliff, Sir Elton, Sir Tom, Sir Paul ... some of them should have stayed at home where the autotune can save their a*se! and while they're at it can they please take Lord Lloyd-Webber with 'em.

    Madness... absolutely brilliant! And the images they projected on the palace during "Our House" were amazing! But WTF was Will.i.am doing there ... looking trendy or just to make up numbers????? And while I'm on the subject ... what was Grace Jones nearly wearing??????

    Over all though it was supposed to be a Celebration Concert for Her Maj covering all the decades she has been on the throne and overall I thought it was a good effort!

    Thought that HRH missed a trick though and could have had a couple of beefeaters tip up and march the comics off ... would have got a better laugh than they got between them!
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  12. What the hell was Grace Jones even doing there, what a wreck, wonder how much and who she bribed to get that booking.Carr was his usual rubbish self, the Buck house graphics were very good and Suggs on the palace roof excellent.

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