Queen visiting USA Programme on the Beeb

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by persona_non_grata, Nov 27, 2007.

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  1. A fairly balanced looking article on the programme here from the Beeb but a very heavily biased stance from those who chose/were chosen to comment.
    Some minor BBC editor republicanism maybe?

    Thoughts and comments, as always, welcome.


    NB: I haven't seen the programme so if anyone has could they post a link (if online) or do the usual sort of critique, etc etc. Ta.
  2. Viewed a bit taped the rest. Wondering why?

    The Duke upset the security by inviting a kid over with a bunch of flowers for HMQ thought that was amusing. Will watch the rest when this decorating gets done. I hate decorating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Thanks for posting this as I am now forewarned and will not now inadvertently switch over to that load of crap.
  4. Blasphemy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. The BBC is crawling with republicans. Royalty bashing seems compulsory on a number of topical quiz programmes.
  6. Actually I rather enjoyed it, I am not a monarchist, other than the fact that she was my boss for 22 years. However I really enjoyed this programme, especially the Americans who thought the Queen was 'cool' and GWB who seemed completely overawed with the Sovereign. Also rather amusing was the three ringer carrying the Queen's gifts and running for the bus! Bet he didn't join up expecting to do that.

    I for one look forward to the next installment.
  7. The 3 ringer equerry only looked about 24....fast track promotion??
  8. Have to agree "rosie" , thought the bit where GWB said the Queen gave him a look that only a mother could give was brilliant , I look forward to the next eppisode as well , the Queen must think the world smells of Dulux , and everything has to be washed 4 times , kinnell .
  9. I enjoyed it too Rosie. The Queen certainly made a favourable impression on everyone involved and no one seemed to feel short-changed despite all their time and effort preparing for her state visit. As one of the many overawed Americans said, she has won the world's admiration and respect for over 55 years and provided some much-needed stability during a period of bewildering change. She is (nearly) everyone's favourite grandmother and, at 81, she still has a work rate few can match. When she is gone, who else can provide us with such a shining example of dignity, integrity and life-long dedication? She is not the most famous woman in the world for nothing.

    One thing's for sure, the Queen is obviously valued more by foreigners than by many of her own people. That reminds me, I was tickled by the statement made by a US Embassy official (I think) to one of the Queen's aides at Buckingham Palace - "We're not foreign, we're American."
  10. Anyone watch this week's episode?

    I know that there is a lot wrong with this country, but watching the Trooping the Colour and the Fly Past made me realise why I am very proud to be British.

    I am also quite sure that HMQ would make a very scary boss, clearly nothing is beneath her notice!

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