Quate or Joey Deacon?? The community votes!

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by lukep, Mar 19, 2009.

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  1. Quate

  2. Joey Deacon RIP.

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  1. Its already been postively established on another thread that a resident RR member is suffering from the dreaded Downs Syndrome sickness, Which may (God help us) hinder his application into the RN. This was achieved by myself and MLP putting in the man hours, using the very latest in Mong identifying technology and tapping into his X and Y chromosome database via the JPEG image he left loafing about the internet. We cracked on relentlessly to find a DNA match between Quate and a spastic bint i found hobbling down the street the other week that i currently keep in my cellar for the time being before i decide to chop her up into little pieces and bin her off into the canal. Anyway back to the point....

    It got me thinking about the greatest mongoloid of all time Joey Deacon who was catapulted into the Uber atmospheric echalons of spastic stardom in the 80's from his dribbling and grunting appearances on Blue Peter..

    Who is the most Mongoloided mongo of the spazmoid species?

    Quate or Joey deacon??

    Ladies and Gents... Crack on!
  2. As you can clearly see at first glance, Quate has a chin like a 5 kilo Boiled ham.
    Another combat indicator of the Downs sickness
  3. Mllllllllaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    PMSL :D
  4. Quates old man we've all heard about, Ex RN. Cracks marathons everyday, Beats the fukc out of anyone who messes wid da family and reckons all of todays medal winners are just Walting cnuts..
  5. PMSL
  6. You don't think Jimmy Hill could be a relative do you, or Desperate Dan???
  7. Dunno but give a balloon and some ice cream and the mong might tell you!!

  8. Could Deacon crack a sub 7 minute BFT like Quate? Perhaps dragged behind a Transit van he could. On the other hand, Deacon could type with his spazzy mitts, Quate uses a forehead wand so that's 1-1.

    I'm going to vote Quate for being such an unfortunate looking spacker faced fcuktard and for being an epic multi-arena walt.
  9. PMSL
  10. Thats not an impossibility but we're thinking a genetic deformation occured due to the fact that Quates father was in his 60's when he shot his man fat up his mums fanny flaps.

    The result was twins.. His brother was the fortunate one in the looks department......
  11. PMSL. I think I've cracked his true identity... John Merrick
  12. Quate IS Rocky Dennis...........
  13. Fcuking Les dennis more like it. Another one of lifes dinner gongs.

  14. He's racing away with the poll at the moment.
    Its becoming official , Quate may well be a bigger spastic than the deceased former King of the mongs Joey Deacon.
  15. I fear I voted for the wrong Joey. I thought you meant our occassional RR visitor of the same name who only ever enters posts saying:

    The other mong, Quate is comparitivly communicative. :roll:

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