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Discussion in 'History' started by HarryT, May 3, 2013.

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  1. More years ago than I care to remember. I overheard two newly Commissisioned Warrant Officers describing a certain young lady on the dock-side as having " hips like the quarter badges of the Rodney"

    Never heard it since-- and not sure what quarter badges are or were.

  2. Which Warrant Officer variant was that, HarryT?

    I believe that the pre-Branch Officer (later the SD Officer) type of WO went out circa 1948 and that rank was therefore 'gapped' until the Fleet Chief type WO reappeared in the early '70s.

    I served 33 yrs (outside nearly 20 :blush: ) but that simile is a new one on me, however Jack at every level was/is often original at inventing a brand new one to match any situation.

    Only a quick google but I couldn't find any rear end images of any of the HMS RODNEYs to illustrate. Perhaps this snippet may shed a little (just a quarter?) light on the origin of your question:

    <<..On tall sailing ships, quarter windows would exist to ventilate the quarters and provide light. These were sometimes decorated.

    Sometimes these would have a “quarter badge” as a badge shaped carving around the two small quarter windows at the stern...>

  3. Hadn't heard that particular reference before, but Bob's solution seems to be apposite, the "Sailor's Word Book" defines Quarter Badge as " Artificial galleries, a carved ornament near the stern of those vessels which have no quarter galleries", thus, in Rodney's case, wide apart - fairly descriptive of many a young lady these days one would think!
    Regarding Warrant Officers, I seem to remember they went out of fashion circa 1956. I was at Mercury at the time, as a L/CK(O), and our Wardroom Catering Officer went from Mr, to Sub Lt (SD)(CK) , but there may well have been changes in the "Executive" branches prior to that. I do know that in 1954, at Hornet, we had lots of "Warrant gunners, Warrant bosuns" etc., wearing a thin ring and addressed as Mr by superiors, and obviously as "Sir" by hoi polloi, of which I was one.

  4. It was on a school trip in 1945 to HMS Defiance.
    My brother tells me the two men were Gunners (T)

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