Qualifying time for Accumulated Campaign Service Medal reduced

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by tomm90, Aug 28, 2011.

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  1. This ACSM was awarded to thousands of regular & part time soldiers of 30,000 veterans of the Ulster Defence Regiment from 1969 -1992 & Royal Irish Regiment home battalions from 1992 - 2007 plus former soldiers from other regiments who served six (six month) tours in Northern Ireland. Does any RR subscriber know of any veteran of the Royal Navy who was awarded an ACSM for 36 months (1080 days) of service in Northern Ireland from 1969 to 2007 or in any of the qualifying campaign areas mentioned below, or was this medal struck and awarded to the Army alone?

    "Qualifying time for Accumulated Campaign Service Medal reduced"

    "The Queen has approved an amendment to the Accumulated Campaign Service Medal, with the qualifying time criterion to be reduced from 36 months (1,080 days) to 24 months (720 days)."

    Ministry of Defence | Defence News | History and Honour | Qualifying time for Accumulated Campaign Service Medal reduced
  2. I've seen a CT and a couple of Nurses as well.

    There are probably some Careers Staff as well, ask Ninja ;)
  3. How does this aply to conflicts gone by such as bornio aden and the like i know quite a few who did the likes of 29 days in those zones two or three times in each and other places that were on the go in those days mounting up .i dont know what the accumalation of days is but they will have quite a lot
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I'm not aware of any matelots with one to be honest first hand, I'm trying to think of conflicts with repeat tours besides the more recent Iraq & Afghan tours. I've certainly seen it worn by Jack.

    I'd guess there maybe some now eligible from back to back Armillas during the Iran/Iraq Gulf War era (me!). Immediately post Falklands conflict, despite repeat 6 months tours, no GSMs were awarded

    This guy in Blackrats post probably has a few - how many do you want? http://www.navy-net.co.uk/submariners/62655-wearing-relatives-medals-uniform-2.html
  5. I may have got the tone of your 'voice' wrong, but GSMs were handed out for Armilla. IIRC they were for service down there around the late 80s and onwards. I got one for my '87 'trip'.

    Pedant <on>
    Technically, I only got a clasp as I already had a GSM for NI.
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Apologies, poor grammar on my part. The GSM was indeed awarded for the Iran/Iraq Gulf (got that one), but not the accumulated campaign service one for 4 Armilla Patrols.

    The Falklands conflict was of course the South Atlantic campaign medal (got that one too), but many repeat visits immediately after the conflict did not merit the award of a GSM for those without a SA medal or indeed an accumulated campaign service gong - if it should have done.
  7. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    "How does this aply to conflicts gone by such as bornio aden and the like "

    It doesnt - the medal is only for 1969 onwards.

    We're probably not far off seeing a few matelots with one - I'm halfway to mine now, and wouldnt surprise me if I got one in a few years. Similarly, I've worked with 23/24 yr old Booties who have them under the old qualifying criteria - now thats impressive!
  8. A number of the Northern Ireland Squadron stalwarts qualified during my time, and I dare say that the reduction in qualification time will put a few more from those days over the line.
  9. I got the ACSM for my time in cushy HQ and assorted deployments in the Gulf (repeat and extended tours from 2001 to 2007) and I know of a PO who also got it so that makes at least 2 dark blue.

    In both our cases it relates to Iraq and Afghanistan only (support roles, not extended periods in-country)

    PS - The PO is still serving (RNR) and has completed a further 2 (?) tours since 2007 I believe (as voluntary recall)
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