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qualified paramedic thinking of joining the navy!


hi im 28 and a hpc registerd NHS paramedic and was wondering if my qual (foundation degree) is transferable.
and what level i could enter at or would i have to start from scratch????


I am prepared to be corrected by the Careers Advisors, but as far as I know only the Army and RAF have paramedics.
They are a few I know within the RN but they are classed as MA.
most, if not all have done it as an add on but it isn't a general thing.
There are moves to try and get an MA's advanced skills
acquired whilst in the service recognised in civvy life.
According to a friend who is a Surgeon Captain, the RN has no requirements for paramedics.
Strange but true even in these times. A somewhat blinkered view in my eyes.
He is actively fighting the corner for their introduction.


War Hero
The RAF & Army do train their Combat Medics alongside civilian Paramedics after they have completed inintial training & served a few (two or three years). Our equivalent, the Medical Assistant does not routinely undergo paramedic training.

Those joining as a trained paramedic, as alluded above, unless in possession of a UK PIN as a Nurse, will join as a Medical Assistant.
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