Hi I'm currently waiting for a start date to begin my basic training and then go on to be et(mesm). After doing this and on being considered suitibly competant what would be the level and type of qualification i hope to receive? I have from my time gained mechanical engineering qualifications upto city and guilds level 4 in mechanical engineering and maintenance. So would i be studying the same sort of material or would it be a totally different learning altogether? Thanks in advance for any advice
Engineering is engineering so it's highly likely that you will be covering some subjects that you already know, especially the mathematics.
Having said that there are bound to be parts of the course that are relevant to the RN.
Your previous learning should help you to understand more easily than a person that is new to engineering.
This being the case, please bear with them, they will not be stupid, if possible give them a helping hand after lessons, this not only helps them but will reinforce your own knowlege. :)
Slim I read it more as him asking what sort of recognised civilian qualification his training would get him if any... I might be wrong though.


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WreckerL said:
I believe you end up with a foundation degree in engineering once you get your buttons (Chiefs for the newbies)
Is that it? I would've thought that at CPO level, they'd at least give you a bachelor's degree!

I mean, I'm getting a foundation degree just for finishing my AB-LH course, seems a bit unfair that the stokers/greenies get seen off like that.
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