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Hi All,

Just wondering, what qualifications (as in flying qualifications) will a newly qualified pilot have after all the RN training?



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No sure what you mean by that exactly, it's obviously not an NVQ, but you get a private (light aircraft) fixed wing pilots' licence followed by either Military Rotary or Military Fast Jet. So far as I'm aware they are not immediately transferable as commercial civilian qualifications & you have to undergo conversion training to the best of my knowledge and it isn't cheap either.

Standing by to be corrected, but that's my understanding.
Even so the coversion from military to civil is not as much as starting from scratch, and for many is a very good investment. There also used to be opportunities to do multi engine training with the crabs but this may no longer be possible.


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natg said:
Hi All,

Just wondering, what qualifications (as in flying qualifications) will a newly qualified pilot have after all the RN training?

I think there is a process already in place for military pilots to transfer their experience and knowledge into civil quals, probably the best place to ask is here Professional Pilots Network Military forums Someone will know or there may well be a thread running on it already.
After EFT, there is an option to do one extra sortie, and subsequently earning a PPL. If you do not have a degree already, you can sign up for the FAAMAA (the Fleet Air Arm Military Aviation Academy). This is in effect marketing speak for 'if you go through flying training we will give you a degree'. I believe the degree offered is a BSc, though I may be wrong.
You will also find that the mil. to civvy route for commercial is about £10k (?), whereas starting from scratch for civvy airlines would be about £60k.
I believe there is/was a Junglie lad who is/was about to bang out. A couple of civvy helo companies caught wind of this, and have offered him places in their companies. The lowest offer of any of these companies was to treble his salary...
Been a debate on this on Pprune (The FAA Academy) - flying training is hard enough, juggling a degree as well......!

If you want to know about Mil - Civ X Over with regards Rotary/FJ - ATPL speak to Beagle on Pprune. He seems to know LASORs off the top of his head.

With regards EFT and a PPL:
After EFT you need to sit the Air Law exam and do a dual XC and then you QXC and that is pretty much it. Then send the CAA your £70 cheque for the poo brown piece of plastic :money:


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Thanks guys.
I just wondered as a friend i met who works in aviation insurance questioned me on what qualifications i will have. Sounds to me like it's up to the individual how much they put in and how much they will get out of training.
I was planning on putting as much in as possible so just wanted to know where it could all take me. Thanks for your input people.
Yoe leave flying training with no useful qualifications for civvy flying except a PPL which alows you to bimble around in a cessna with no paying passengers.
If, however you complete approx 2000hrs of military flying (about 14yrs worth), you become eligible for a bridging package either rotary or fixed wing depending on what you flew. This will generally mean that you can get your civvy license for about £15000 fixed wing including Instrument rating, or a couple of grand for a rotary CPL.
All this info is in LASORS which can be downloaded from the CAA website. search for bridging packages.
The scheme is designed to reward those who stay in, rather than being an easy way to your licenses.
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