Hi Guys,

So, as I'm aware, you currently need a minimum of 2 a levels and 72 UCAS points for most officer roles, including two non-overlapping subject areas. My Question are;

Do the UCAS points have to be from A-Levels, or can other level 3 Qualifications be accepted?

Can the A-Levels be completely swapped out for, say, 2 level 3 BTECs?

How many qualifications are you allowed to use to get up to that 72 UCAS mark? Just the 2 A-Levels (so a 'B' and 'C' minimum) or could you have 3 C's instead?

Finally, how much do the AIB/POC staff look at school records? Do they particularly care about stuff like high school detentions and if you were late to lessons, or are they not interested?

Cheers in advance


Lantern Swinger
My bad - didn't realise that the UCAS points system has changed. A tad worrying that potential officers need to aim for the dizzy heights of 3 Ds at A level.......

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