Qualifications required to become a Warfare Officer, i.e UCAS


Evening all,

Standard requirements require all candidates to have a total of 72 UCAS points post 2017 or 180 prior to 2017, now I didn't do A-Levels but alternatively I completed a BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Engineering and received a final grade of M-M-P.

I've looked at what this equates to as UCAS points and found it totals to 200 points or 80 depending on when you completed the course, so it does appear I have the UCAS points however I've noticed Ninja_Stoker mention in previous posts that a Level 3 course will require the candidate having a Distinction or Merit pass.

I'm a little confused as to if I can now submit my application or not, of course I will be sending on my credentials to my local AFCO tomorrow along side opening a live chat with them when they open, however the impatient side of me was coming here to see if anyone had an opinion or even knew the answer.

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We have opinions! No answers but many opinions!!! Good luck, methinks AFCO may be the solution. Especially at half eleven in the evening!


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Chapter 7 of BR3 refers to educational equivalents, but I can't tell from looking at it how you will be affected.

You will need to speak to one of the Careers Advisors at your nearest Careers Office tomorrow for the most up to date answer.

By the way, Live Chat doesn't take you to your nearest Careers Advisors, it goes to the call centre which does the initial sifting. For what it's worth, I would suggest that you use the part of the following link which says:

Find your nearest Armed Forces Careers Office (AFCO)

and give them a call. It may be that you will want to drop in to see them at some point in person, so it's worth looking up your local ones and giving them a call when they open..

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PS I suspect that the number for your nearest Careers Advisors is 0117 926 0233, the number for the Bristol Office, but I may be wrong.

They open at 8 in the morning. You could give them a call before 9, if you wish,.


Thank you Soleil for the advice above.

Sadly I was unable to pop into their office despite being 300m or so from it all day, work was manic so will try again tomorrow.

I have however found yet another problem in my application which I totally over looked, incompetent I know.

I was not the most academic person when sitting my GCSEs, it was only later in life I found a passion for Engineering and Optics. Long story short, I don't have a C grade GCSE in English and Maths and doing my research it appears this is something the Royal Navy does not allow to be wavered.

My Qualifications I currently have are as follows,
- 5 GCSEs from A-C in Engineering, Geography, Science Double Award and Product Design.
- BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Engineering
- (Finals in June 2020) Fellowship Diploma in Ophthalmic Dispensing (FBDO)

I will never the less take my information in and see what they say themselves, they might say differently or have some advice.


While this is a very frustrating situation, I'm also finding it mildly amusing. I applied to join the navy when I was 17 as a Marine Engineer however stopped that process in place of university and now I've almost completed it decided to join again but as an Warfare Officer but since looked and found that they require a CP 2 and I'll be lucky to get CP4 at this rate. So that throws that option down the drain and now it appears all chances of Officer paths are down the drain if Im told Im required to sit my English & Maths GCSEs again.

Otherwise it's back to the Rating options over Officer.
You are best to call your local AFCO and discuss this with them. Waivers for education, especially for Warfare, are rare.


Popped into my AFCO branch and spoke to one of the staff there (Lovely RM) and we came to the conclusion while yes it would be nice to be an officer, I just want to join ASAP so I've started the process to join as a Rating.

Application will be going in as a Warfare Specialist or Marine Engineer once my fitness is at the required standard. Hopefully by the end of this year or sooner I'll be heading towards basic.

For anyone reading this down the line, AIB can review waivers for education but the likelyhood of it going through is extremely slim. Work hard at school kids, your GCSEs do matter after all!


They suggested an educational waiver for me as my qualifications are higher than what I need they just dont transfer them. Luckily for me as well I'm going Submarines so more likely to get that waiver....I hope but we shall see let us know how you get on with the rating process.

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