Qualifications question


I'm currently in the process of applying for AET (RT on 27th May), and have been at college studying electrical installations and engineering, and working as an electrician for the past 3/4 years.

Anyways my question - i've now got a City and Guilds qualification and an NVQ Level 3 in electrical engineering so will that help me in anyway in terms of application or is it simply a case of having a bit of a head start when it comes to Sultan?

I've searched the forums but hasn't seemed to have been asked before :?



As i thought then really, at least i'll hopefully find Phase 2 very slightly less daunting!

Soleil thanks for that link thats now bookmarked! I've gone out and got a couple of books to revise from, the 'Armed Forces Entry Level' and a workbook which is more like A Level difficulty actually.

I'm sure i read somewhere that the RT is about 11+ level of difficulty in terms of english and maths? If so i've got some revision books from a long time ago that would probably serve me well to dig out and read.
Yeah. Just make sure ya confident multiplying and dividing decimals/fractions. recruiter said these are definately useful to improve on

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