Qualifications for Officers

Hi Guys,

So, I was wondering how scrutinised your a level results are at the AIB?

If someone had a B & C but had great teamwork and leadership ability, would these fairly average results count against them? Or is it a case of so long as you hit them 72 UCAS points, no one really cares?

Also, 2 Cs at A Level and a C at AS equals 72 UCAS points, so is this just as acceptable as a B & a C?



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AIB don't even look at your qualifications. As far as they're concerned, if you are forwarded to AIB then you have met the minimum requirement.

https://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/careers/role-finder/ucas-calculator may be of interest.

Each non-overlapping subject must contribute at least 20 points (45 in old money) towards the total. All qualifications should have been attained within a 13 month spread. If you're still unsure, speak to your ACLO.

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