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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by April, Jan 13, 2010.

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  1. Hello,

    I have been considering the navy for quite some time now but have only recently developed an interest in the officer side of things. I had a question about qualifications though; They ask for 180 UCAS points. I don't have that, however I do hold a bachelor's degree and a master's degree.

    Does anyone happen to know if the two degrees would waive the need for the UCAS points?

    I apologise as I know I could just go and ask, however I'm currently in America and it's not quite worth the long distance phone call!
  2. April

    Can you list all the qualifications you have please?
  3. Hi,

    I am in the same situation, have appropriate qualifications minus the UCAS points.

    I had a long talk with my ACLO and he told my that he would have to send a special request to the admiralty board asking permission on considering my application without the UCAS points.

    The answer came back that they would consider me because of my industry experience, I do think all cases like this are individual and worth speaking to your local office about.
  4. 11 GCSEs - all A's - B's.
    2 A Levels (C and a D, so sadly not enough to reach the UCAS amount!)
    BA degree in English - first class
    MA degree in English
    PGCE Upper Primary with English (So a primary school teaching qualification)

    It is logistics officer I am primarily looking at, though I'm still dabbling through a few other options. So unfortunatley I suppose my qualifications aren't entirely relevent to the job, but I was hoping the requirement could be waived somewhat just on the grounds that the two degrees would be ranked higher than the A Levels!
  5. Have you considered the Educational Branch?

    The RN is always looking for 'Schooly' Officers, it sounds like it would suit you. From what I gather it is a top job as well.
  6. When I was discusing this with my AFCO, he seemed to think that my law degree would count for an amount of ucas points. So discuss it with him and he should be able to advise you on it, or at least ring someone for a definitive answer.
  7. When i had my SIFT the officer started out by checking off my academics, and when he said have you got the required A-Levels - I stupidly replied - "I have a degree..." thinking he would assume that having my degree I would also have the UCAS points, but he did point out that I could have had 5 degrees but if i didnt have the a-level requirements it would come back to haunt me and wouldnt be accepted as they are minimum standards...
  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Possibly, despite the fact it may cost a couple of dollars to ring-up from the US, a job with a potential starting pay of £29,005 maybe worth the investment of a 5 minute phonecall.

    Overseas Helpline: 00 44 1604 640015

    The people manning these lines are based in UK.

    Lines will be manned 09:00 to 21:00 GMT (in winter, GMT +1 in summer) 7 days per week apart from UK Bank Holidays.

    In the vast majority of instances A Levels are indeed required.
  9. I got told even though I have a degree if my a-levels didnt total the 180 then I had to go for rating.

    Thing that annoyed me was that I have 220 ucas points however because the navy unlike universities only count certain grades it knocked my effective ucas points down to 100 so that was that.
  10. That's because the RN unlike some universities do not need to recruit those with low grades. :p
  11. No disrespect to any of the posters here, but the UCAS rule is there for a very good reason. With the current state of British Universities and the ease of which to obtain a degree in subjects as challenging as 'Football Studies' and 'Outdoor Adventure and Philosophy', it's no wonder the mob asks for UCAS points and values A levels in traditional core subjects more than some degrees.

    Once again this is not aimed at any of the posters here, just a general observation.
  12. Yeah I got a B E E and a C in AS. Business, Law, Computing and Psychology respectively and a degree in Business at Leeds Uni

    But as you rightly say and what I dont argue with is that they are too low for the RN. Maybe I should of written 'disappointed' instead. But as i said that was that and im getting my head down and getting on with it. If the opportunity arises in the future then great if not, well its not why i wanted to join the navy.
  13. You make a great point tbh 2DD as ive heard you can now do degrees in for example David Beckham....amazing
  14. :p
    Most Matelots are awarded a Degree in Pissing Up and Bagging Off
  15. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    To clarify:

    For Officer selction, as well as 5 GCSE's A-C (including Maths & English) the minimum standard for UCAS points was increased from the minimum level of 140 UCAS points to eliminate candidates who clearly struggle at AIB, and to better align RN recruiting standards with the other services.

    The minimum requirement for educational qualifications is to be raised to 180 UCAS points, subject to certain constraints.

    The revised minimum standard for non-graduate Officer entry to the Royal Marines was 180 UCAS points for all candidates from Fri 29 February 2008, subject to the constraints that:

    1. the total must include at least two non-overlapping subject areas;
    2. each subject must be allocated at least 45 UCAS points;
    3. If unsure of overlapping subject areas AIB should be contacted.

    The minimum for each subject will be increased from 40 to 45 UCAS points so the following will no longer acceptable:

    1. A-Level Grade E;
    2. AS-level GradeC;
    3. Scottish Higher Grade D;
    4. Scottish Intermediate any grade.

    The full UCAS points tariff, showing equivalent qualifications, is available at UCAS.com

    You cannot add AS & A level UCAS points in the same subject & the subjects must include at least two non-overlapping subjects scoring over 45.

    The grades that count are:

    A Level/Advanced Highers: A=120, B=100, C=80, D=60
    AS Levels: A=60, B=50
    Scottish Highers: A=72, B=60, C=48

    BTECs Certificates are only valid at level 3 (Distinction, Merit grade pass or better).

    BTEC Diploma (Merit, Merit, Merit)

    All BTECs, HNDs must be verified by the Admiralty Interview Board as accepted non-overlapping subjects of sufficient academic content.

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