Qualifications for Facebook and Twitter

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by daffy1, Jan 12, 2010.

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  1. Guys we had the qualification for getting on and off the bus in a safe manor, well the latest qualification could be Facebook and Twitter.

  2. Christ almighty.. I can almost see it now, 10 years down the line.. - GCSE English Literature Question 1: In reference of Shakespeare's 'Hamlet', describe the context in which Polonius typed 'lol, omg!!!' on Ophelia's Facebook page. absurd.
  3. Well, obvsly, lol, cuz dats wat ppl need dese dayz - hu cares bout important stuf lik propr englsh, r litertur. Dats borin lik!

    That has to be the biggest load of rubbish I have ever heard. Last I heard, schools were trying to keep students away from those stupid sites, not helping them learn how to bloody use them!

    (oh, and if that top sentance doesn't really make sense then sorry - I never use text speak. It faster just to write english than to decipher it, IMHO!)
  4. Hamlet: 2b or nt 2b. Thts th ?

    Romeo and Juliet: Wht lite frm yndr wndw brx? Tz fr juli8, lol omg m8 ;-)
  5. Ofqual! Another unelected quango of faceless muppets. Thank goodness my education was in the 50's and 60's when we were taught subjects that would stand you in good stead for the rest of you life.
  6. Not wanting to sound like a ******** here and I have had a drink but this really isn't as daft as it sounds. A huge amount of people communicate these days using these websites. Like it or not social networking sites are here to stay and are the future of communication. Many businesses survive and thrive because of these sites.

    Exactly the same thing was said years ago when computer studies and IT qualifications were introduced and I am sure it was said before that when media studies and telecommunication qualifications were introduced. People thought it was a load of horse shit and that these kind of skills should be learned in students own time. Now look, 15 years later and the entire World is communicating by email.

    Facebook and Twitter are merely the next step in the evolution of human communication.
  7. Good point 2DD, although if I recall some of the hazy memories of my uni days we had 'media studies' which seemed to cover the same subject matter described here, and attracted the dullards.

  8. Now you put it like that, it seems like a valid point. I think the problem being is what is the next step ?, as you mentioned I.T studies and telecommunication studies branch out and can even come hand in hand, but i cant see Facebook and Twitter evolving anything past a G.C.S.E, but as you said many people around the world use social networking and it is still in the early stages, so who knows ????
  9. As communication 'evolves' the average person become less literate and as a consquence becomes less able to express complex thought or hold their attention for the required time to further develop technologies or even maintain current ones. Result, 'evolution' reverses and the human race finds itself a certain distance back along the road travelled. Sit back and enjoy the ride...
  10. I should also add the fact that as fcuking usual, the article has been totally twisted and taken out of context by the Daily Mail who originally reported it before it was reproduced by the Telegraph, obviously a slow news day for them.

    The article actually starts: ''The qualification, called English Studies: Digital Communication would require pupils to understand the sites.'' After this it just turns to bullshit.

    Social networking is a huge part of modern Digital Communication therefore it is absolutely necessary to include it in any study of this subjet, just like if you were to study modern British art for instance, it would be foolish not to include a bit of revision on that mental tramp bag lady Tracy Emin.

    So basically the Daily Mail has taken a small non story about communication study and blown it out of proportion into one of it's usual 'Facebook is taking over the World and Immigrants will rape your cat' stories and the Telegraph have foolishly reproduced it.

    Make up your own Daily Mail headlines here:

  11. Good point, well presented.

    However, I would put Facebook, Twitter, etc. in the same bracket as CB Radio rather than Morse Code and as such not requiring anything more sophisticated than evening classes.
  12. Love the irony! Is getting off the bus in a safe "manor" somewhere like Westminster, as opposed to Brixton?

    There's no reason why you can't spell properly and use good grammar on sites like Facebook - it just needs a bit of self discipline. And let's not get too carried away - have you seen some of the posts on here? The "send" button is obviously too tempting.

  13. Media studies still is a load lo crap. An easy degree introduced for the thickies.

  14. If I may be so bold ... I have never done Media Studies and I don't Facebook or Twitter BUT, I would suggest that study into these types of communication vehicle is very important if you want to understand how to manipulate mass communication - politicians or opinion formers, for example, who do not understand the dynamics of such vehicles will be at a disadvantage to those who do in the same way that those organisations who were slow to get onto the bandwagon of Radio or TV advertising soon learned the error of their ways.

    Don't chuck it out as a stupid idea without thinking through the issue from both ends of the telescope!

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