QE2 pays off

The ONLY way to sail to New York. Lovely ship. Will miss her greatly. She certainly beats her sucessor, which is essentially a floating hotel (and cheaper to sail on) rather than an elegant ship exuding class.
Given that she went aground this morning, albeit very briefly, it almost seemed as if she didn't want to go. She has a great history and many fans so it is great to see that she is not going off the the scrap yard.

I visited Hong Kong in '04 and who should be moored off Kowloon but:

The evening sky really was that colour. Even though I've seen her pass through Spithead many times, that's how I'll remember her in service.

Funny old world.
One of my favourite phots, I was onboard (The Icecream, not QE2!) at the time :)

STROG Transit. We did a bit of showing off, so she left us in the water :D


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