QE Class Aircraft Carriers - New Accommodation

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Hermes_R12, Sep 17, 2012.

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  1. Have you seen the pictures of the JRs accommodation ?

    Here is a linky Inside a typical cabin unit | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    It's about time the lads got some decent accommodation, it's been a long time coming. looks pretty decent and a far cry from the gouches !
  2. Being a miserable gloom laden type, I just wonder about the flammability of messdecks that are all wood and carpet. Nice accom though.
  3. It's wood effect paint. The 'wood' is actually metal. I can't wait to send people down the paint store for some.
  4. Good painting, do they use a stripey brush?
  5. I hope so, I'll send someone for that too.
  6. No curtains? There go the chances for a discreet pedal and crank after watch...8-O
  7. They're on order....... from Laura Ashley..............well,....they could be lady sailors accom.

    Having access to the flag locker, I would have no difficulty in finding suitable colourful drapes. Flags foxtrot and oscar spring to mind.
  8. 50px-ICS_Foxtrot_svg.png 50px-ICS_Oscar_svg.png It would send the right message to whoever was sent in to call you for watch, and lend a nice splash of colour to the cabin....:laughing5:
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  9. Well I'm fucked if I'm gonna put a 'welcome' banner up........Rummers is in the seamans mess next door ! :rr:
  10. Ohh can't wait to get on one of those...
  11. You dont mean.......:snuggle::pottytrain2:Im shocked..:laughing5:

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