QARNNS Rowing the Channel for Charity!!!

QARNNS from MDHU Portsmouth will be rowing the equivalent of the Channel and back (on rowing machines) at Gunwharf Quays on Saturday 22 April 2006... from Midday onwards. Come along and support us raising money for two charities: 1. we're buying a tank for Sierra Leone so that blacksmiths can turn it into farming equipment (our CO's nominated charity); and 2. for a little girl called Ellisa Challis who lost all her limbs to meningitis at 18 months old and is now two so can have artificial limbs. The more the merrier - certainly the more money the merrier!!!!! :D
If that PayPal method works then yes you can because i'm registered with that.... but otherwise i think it's on the day or face to face!!!
Just an update for everyone - the charity event is on 22 April and starts at midday.... for the girlies we've got the PTIs from Temeraire coming along to flex a bit of muscle, and for the lads, well we're all Navy Nurses..... and we've got one in a wee skirt with heels to keep you happy! We really need your support! Oh yes, and we've got fabulous prizes for our raffle including stuff from Nuts Magazine!!! What more could you want?!!!!
Thanks to anyone if you came along on Saturday.... we completed our challenge at just after five o'clock on Saturday.... so far we've raised well over a thousand but still selling raffle tickets so may make even more!

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