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I was hoping someone with a bit experience of QARNNS or the medical branch as a whole could help me regarding the best approach regarding joining as a Nurse. I'm in my 3rd year at Uni and due to qualify in the Summer of 2018 and ultimately would like to apply as an Adult Nursing Officer. I've had a bit of exposure to the RN through my local URNU (albeit very rose-tinted) but suspect I would not AIB ready before qualifying.

Could anyone advise whether it would be beneficial to apply as an RNR Nurse as a rating for 1-2 years whilst gaining some clinical experience or whether this would just introduce more bureaucracy and complication when attempting to go for a commission. Also if anyone could share any insights regarding being an RNR nurse, in general, it would be appreciated.



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Not a nurse but can discuss RNR.

It generally takes at least a year to complete rating basic training in the RNR (comprising a taskbook-led package delivered mostly on drill nights, two weekends, 1x 1 week NMT course and a 2-week confirmation course), on top of the relatively lengthy application process (supposedly this has been improved?)

After passing out, you would complete a 2-week Leading Rates Leadership Course (LRLC), 2 day EFSSC and a few other bits which would qualify you as a Leading Naval Nurse (LNN). This will also take several months. As you are (will be) already professionally qualified, most of the training is generic Navy stuff. This, and the LRLC, would be great experience for AIB while you are furthering your clinical skills in your civilian role.


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Alternatively join the regular navy as a qualified nurse, pass out of raleigh as a LH with a £20k golden handshake then apply to AIB after a couple years experience
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