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  1. Seriously why are these boxes so small? is it to prepare me for a career of exam cheating or so I can make kites if I end up in prison?

    Not really any point to this post just thought id write something inbetween washing smudged black ink off my hand for the 3rd time.
  2. write the answers inbetween my fingers. Not as if I've done that before **shifty eyes**
  3. Mine was an electronic version so could make the boxes as big as I wanted.
  4. If you rub the crayon in to a point your stumpy tard fingers may be able to make a better job of it. Also I notice that your sort like to project their tongue to the side of their dribbling mouth to trace the shape of each letter.

    If you get frustrated just punch your carer.
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  5. Fuckin trap one on this post ****.
    Not only do you crayon, you talk about crayons.
    I nearly fucked the keyboard up then, coffee not only stains.:thumright:
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  6. Define "your sort"
  7. I guess he means you.
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