So my medical application is on hold until I send the rest of the form in, my question is there a certain amount of time that it is on hold for or can I wait to send the rest of whenever I’m ready.
My other question is when I’ve been accepted for basic training do I have to go straight away or can I wait till I’m ready to go.


The navy is accommodating with start dates (they were for me) however I would imagine this could change depending on certain job roles and also how long your application has been in process for.


Speak to you CA I'm sure they will advise.
If your not ready to commit to Naval service 100% I would definitely speak to your CA and see if they will place your application on hold until you are 100% committed.

It doesn't sound like you are ready to join at the moment.


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Morning GW, if that’s your name. I suggest you change it to something else.

Have a chat with your AFCO mate, as above have said - it sounds like you aren’t in the right headspace at the moment. They are flexible on deferring.

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