PW for GG ?

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Prince William 'keen on G-G job'
Friday Jun 29 05:00 AEST
By ninemsn staff

Prince William secretly wants to put his name up as a candidate for Australia's next governor-general, according to a new biography.

His father Prince Charles tried to get the vice-regal role in the 1980s, but his dreams were crushed when the Hawke government brutally rejected his bid.

Now William thinks he can succeed where Charles failed, former Vanity Fair editor Tina Brown reveals in her new book The Diana Chronicles.

"Charles really wanted the job because he saw it as a way to get the hell out of the grip of Prince Philip and the Queen," Brown writes.

She told The Australian Women's Weekly: "You might like to know ... it has been thought up in regard to William, too.

"Yes, they would very much like that and he would like that very much."

Bob Hawke said yesterday that Prince Charles was denied the governor-general gig because his government didn't want another monarch in power, given the Queen's role as head of state.

"It came up at some stage. I made it quite clear it wasn't on. We're in favour of a republic. The idea of doubling the dose ... held no appeal."

Prince Charles has spoken in the past about his hurt and anger when former governor-general Sir Ninian Stephen's plan to pick him as his successor was vetoed by Hawke.

"So what are you supposed to think when you offer to do something to help and you're just told you're not wanted?" he complained in a 1994 television interview.

John Howard's office declined to comment yesterday on a potential vice-regal role for Prince William.

Apparently JH has given the ' thumbs down ' , rather surprising as he is known for his liking to mix with the rich and famous . Still , election year and to say yes could be unpopular . Unfortunate as young Will would be great in that position imho .
Apart from the fact that we don't need a Governor General, the job is way too political for one of Lizzies grandkids to get the nod. Remember the Bishop or Cardinal or whatever he was a few years ago? Found out to be involved in covering up for paedophile ministers in his parish some years before. Not a good look for HM representative.
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