Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by corbett12, Apr 16, 2009.

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  1. corbett12

    corbett12 New member

    hi i pvr ed last november and i have made a dreadful mistake. At the time i thought it was not what i expected but now coming away from it and thinking i have now made a bad mistake. i was told i could reapply in 24 months but i am so eager to get back i sometimes lay awake at night thinking what have i done. question really is could i approach the AFCO and see if i could get the months dropped down for me to reapply. Also would i have to do the written test again. Do most people who reapply after pvr get back as i will keep on trying. i wish i stuck at it and i am regretting what i have done. I let myself down and the people i was with i feel terrible of what i have done.
  2. higthepig

    higthepig Supporters - GCM

    Someone will be along shortly to give you some sympathy, you don`t really want any from me, because I only know that Sympathy can be found in the Dictionary between shit and syphillus, and that is all that I can offer you.
  3. will!

    will! New member

    What was you expecting before you pvr'd
  4. supermario

    supermario New member


    Firstly you are not the first person who has done this, so don't feel on your own.

    Sometimes the re-apply time can be changed, but it will depend on what you say to your careers advisor when you go back into the AFCO. Just saying I've made a mistake will not change the time. You need to tell them why you believe it should be changed. I had a young lad who did the same. I managed to get his dropped by 12 mohts, by getting him to jojn the RNR for 12 months before joining. Most candidates who re-apply will get back in at some stage. Your RT test stays valid for 3 years from the date it was taken.

    The best thing to do is phone your old careers advisor and have a chat about your chances of re-joining.

    Best of luck


  5. corbett12

    corbett12 New member

    Thanks to be honest i was not sure what to expect really a culture shock i think got cold feet bu t now know what it is worth to me after coming out.
  6. Drakey

    Drakey War Hero

    You will need to be very convincing to the AFCO staff, as the 24 months period is based on your potetial during training. If you had decided early on in training that it was not for you, you may not have approached training in the correct manner thus giving a poor account of yourself. If this is the case then the 24 months will more than likely be justified and you might find it difficult to overturn. However, it you do overturn the decision it is highly unlikely that is will be less than 12 months. You would not have a PVR option second time around therefore your decision to re-join is a one way street. If you get the same feelings that you did first time around you would be stuck for the full period of your contract of 3.5 years. Think carefully before you make a committment that you might regret as you will have no way out.
  7. corbett12

    corbett12 New member

    I have thought carefully about the it and i wont have the same feelings i have learnt the hard way i understand i lose my pvr option but i will not be going down that route again if i cannot change time then i will have t grim and bear it thanks.
  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    As SM states above- it happens very frequently. It's rather surprising in fact, how many people leave Raleigh on the Friday & pitch-up at the AFCO on the following Monday claiming "I made a big mistake". In short: they did.

    Those that decide to opt out have every opportunity not to. The Personnel Selection Officer is the person that makes the initial recommendation of the time period before they may re-apply after wasting everyones' time, money (£7.5K + per candidate) & effort first time around.

    Most people leaving get tunnel vision & will blame everyone & anything in order to leave. When they burn their bridges in this manner, they can expect little sympathy if they then try to re-join. There are very few civilian companies that would permit someone that resigned to return. In fact, it's only the Labour party that actively re-employ sacked employees (often with with criminal records) with any frequency.

    As stated by Drakey- if you want to rejoin, you need to be convincing. After all the effort of re-processing a re-joiner an awful lot go all the way through the re-joining process only to bottle out a second time when they realise they will have to complete phase one & two training and then complete 2.5 years return of service before they may submit 12 months notice to leave.

    Hig also makes a very valid observation.
  9. corbett12

    corbett12 New member

    I have thought carefully about the it and i wont have the same feelings i have learnt the hard way i understand i lose my pvr option but i will not be going down that route again if i cannot change time then i will have t grim and bear it thanks.
  10. corbett12

    corbett12 New member

    I understand ninja what you are saying and what i have to give back i am going to try to get back what i threw away i know what a idiot i have been wasting peoples time.
  11. corbett12

    corbett12 New member

    hi i spoke to Afco i am able to reapply in june and i now have got a date for selection interview in june. I know this interview is going to be tough i have all the forms to fill out again. As there is such along wating list for Sea Spec i will not be going in until Nov 2010. But at least i can get the process of applying again out of the way and wait for my start date. Cant Wait
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Seaman Specialist is currently an estimated 18 months from application being aprroved to entry. Bear in mind if you left last November with a 24 month caveat attached before you may re-apply, it is possible that even if you submit an application in June the Branch Manager may turn-down approval to process your application until November 2010, with an estimated entry date 18 months later if the waiting period remains static.

    Best of luck.
  13. Scarface2009

    Scarface2009 New member

    What is the waiting time for a aircraft handler?
  14. Chalky

    Chalky New member

    I had a premature voluntary release once, but I think I just got over-excited.

    ...I'll get my coat.
  15. Rumrat

    Rumrat War Hero

    Did you hear about the bloke on the Daring who caught his bollocks in a block and tackle,

    He was discharged by purchase. :cry: :cry: :oops:
  16. Chalky

    Chalky New member

    *vomits and cries*

    Oh Lord.
  17. soleil

    soleil War Hero


    Waiting Time for Aircraft Handler - 18 months
  18. R077

    R077 New member

  19. corbett12

    corbett12 New member

    Just finished selection process spoke to AFCO and they are going to start bidding for my entry for next year. Interview was good had a good chat and they were happy to process me. I did not need to do a medical as i left Raleigh with no problems done the PJFT passed all done just wait and hope for my Provisional Date for entry next year.
  20. corbett12

    corbett12 New member

    Phoned Afco couple of weeks ago SC has come back ok just wating for entry date. I know this wont be until Nov 2010. Just wondering i know they work on a term ahead so when abouts next year do you rekon il get a date i figured around July August.

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