Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by runchrisrun, Oct 25, 2010.

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  1. Hi
    I completed basic training and pvr'd before the 6 month time limit. I then re-joined (AET- HARRIERS lol). My question is this, can I still hand my notice in after 2.5 years return to service? Or am I stuck in untill end of my full contract of 18 years? When At what point does the 2.5 yrs RTS start?

    Thanks for reading and any help you can give me!

  2. Had enough already? Whats made you change your mind and want to leave this time? Just curious as it seems a silly time to be heading into Civillian life. There really are zilch prospects out here. Its more gloomy than a Stalinist Gulag :p
  3. No real jobs round my way either at the moment civilian street is tough at the moment. You are much better off staying in although I will gladly take your job off you if only it was that easy.
  4. I work for a supermarket where theres barely enough hours available to class as part time. Been looking for a better job for months and theres just nothing around to apply for. You are better staying in the Navy maybe as at least you have a job then.
  5. Be patient, Westy, lots more similar answers to come (and probably your redundancy, too) :twisted:
  6. Register with REED and you can see how many people apply for each job last year it was around 80 people for one job. With that sort of market you don't really stand much chance to be honest. I have been made redundant twice in three years. I am now doing a job that I wouldn't of even looked at three years ago as it would have been a waste of my experience and talents just to pay the bills.
  7. I had to invade the spare room at my mums and refuse to leave. Just cant afford to live by myself anymore due to minimal hours at work. Its humiliating as I was proud of my independance and freedom. Only a fool would take this over a job they already have
  8. I have managed to keep my independance but I am lucky if I have £150 to myself after all the bills. I would hate to move back to my parents it would be so demoralising, I have had my own place for 6 years. I feel sorry for you mate but at least it's only temporary.
  9. 3 and half for me. Still, il get myself back on my feet once i get back in the navy. Having no major outgoings means i can make a small dent in my overdraft from uni and reduce it. Tax refund they are giving me will help

  10. Drinks on you then :D 8)
  11. Yup :) Tap Water all round.....big spender
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    When you left first time around, you used the one & only opportunity to submit PVR. This will have been explained when you left & again when you rejoined. You should have been given a personal copy of your S3049 Attestation Form by your AFCO - the bit of paper you physically "sign-on" upon.

    Within this document it explains when you may sumit 12 months notice to quit upon completion of your 2.5 years return of service after completing the Standard Initial Training Period (SITP) for your trade.

    For AET, assuming BR 3 Chaper 5 Article 0525 page 5-17 is up to date, the SITP is 14 months.

    This means that from the date of joining you may submit 12 months notice to quit after serving 44 months & physically leave the service 5 years 8 months after joining & any time thereafter.
  13. I did contracting in the telecoms industry mainly the cabling side. Very good money then like every thing else it dried up in my area. So now I work in a warehouse maintaining their computers and other warehouse task. The money is average after taking pay cuts, I work with mongs where their only knowledge of current affairs is LFC and the X Factor, and on the whole have really nothing in common.

    So at the moment life is pretty dull. So why would you want to leave the navy for civillian life?
  14. The number of people that ask me what my opinion is of X Factor or one of those other dull shows astounds me.
    When asked why I don't watch it, my reply is usually along the lines of 'I'd rather be doing it then watching people do it'.
    But at present, I'm usually reading or revising in prep for AIB.

    Moi, life of riley, oh yes
  15. Get yourself to the padre and tell him you are gonna top yourself if they don't let you leave.

    The mob doesn't need indecisive wasters like you. The sooner you are collecting trolleys in a supermarket car park, the better.
  16. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Assuming someone joined 07/01/2009, for example, and they were not back-classed or awarded training extensions, they can legitimately become a 'strawberry mivvy' on 07 Sept 2014 without the need to bother the Bish.

    To be fair - individual's circumstances & family dynamics change over time, and the fact someone needs to know when they're eligible to leave, doesn't necessarily imply they wish to leave.
  17. Fair one, maybe I was a bit quick to jump to conclusion, however the fact remains that the lad re-joined the mob without fully researching what he was signing up to. Pretty feckin stupid if you ask me.

    Anyone else ever started a new job without reading the contract?
  18. jockpopeye

    jockpopeye Badgeman Book Reviewer

    Also might be worth checking out Marks & Spencer as they have recently announced thet they are taking on people for Christmas.
  19. Thanks folks, Il have a look at Marks and Spencers and the Royal Mail :D

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