Putting back fitness test a no no ?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by hello_there, Jan 24, 2016.

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  1. I recently passed medical and was told that the fitness test must be completed within 2 weeks, I was not aware of this until I got a phone call and received the PJFT letter. Firstly, I am in full time employment and usually have to give more notice to take time off which could be difficult and secondly I would like to preper more. I can pass, but I'm scoring around 10:30 and whilst this is a pass, I would like to get below 10.

    I'm not taking the piss, just maybe 3 to 4 weeks. I've seen in other threads people advising that if you're unsure then ring up and put it back a few weeks. However, I don't know if this will look bad on me or not?

    Thanks for any advice.
  2. Can't speak for the getting time off work side, but a pass at 10:30 is still a pass. Might be worth just getting it out of the way straight away!
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  3. I was told 28 days. Is this wrong? This is why I booked it for next week...I wanted to shave a little time off! I don't think it'll put you in a bad light, but like Dave said, a pass is a pass...

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  4. Not another wheezy civvy can't do a "BASIC..shouldn't really have to train for" fitness test.
  5. I too had a 14 day time slot to complete my PJFT, after my CA rang to say that I'd passed my Medical, I was asked can you complete your PJFT in 14 days, I said yes, so this is possibly why? Did you hint that you could pass within a shorter timeframe maybe? As it was my understanding that normally it's to be passed within 28 days?

    I'm also in full time employment, the amount of 'dental appointments' I've had in the last year is quite shocking

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  6. I was given 28 days and at first thought I may aswell use that time to train, but like said before a pass is a pass. When I got to the gym the instructor basically said For me to just pass it. It would look much better passing with a time of 11:08 then to try and smash it and fail and then have to redo it on your 2nd try.

    But ye I'm in full time employment aswell and there are plenty of times I've had to move things around to accommodate it. Unless your full time is 07:00-00:00 7 days a week I'm sure you'll find time
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Firstly, the fitness centres are open until 10pm Mon-Fri and open on Saturday & Sunday, so it's not necessary to take time off work for a run that takes less than 15 minutes whatever the age or gender.

    Secondly, you will have been briefed on the fitness requirements and in order to pass the interview, will have supposedly declared yourself able to take & pass the fitness test.

    If you can pass the fitness test, regardless of the margin by which you can pass it, then take it. Once passed, we can request an entry date. Defer it, you defer your join date also.

    Finally, the period in which the PJFT must be taken has recently been reduced - just go by what the letter states.

    Good luck.
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  8. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Pass is a pass at this point and makes no material difference to your recruitment application. Smash it out, get it done and crack on with Phys training for RALEIGH. Simples.

    Ultimately passing RNFT is part of the interview and selection process for the job - if you want the job, you'll do it as they want you to do it. As the RN says 'don't fight the white'...
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  9. Hmmm just do it, as ninja says the gyms are open evenings until late and weekends!! I imagine if you did feel you needed more time best to be honest with your afco and see what they suggest... It isn't much anyway, just go, run and then it's another bit of selection ticked off!!! Don't build it up too much as this big scary thing, just run...
  10. Do you just have to do it at one speed or are you allowed to put the speed on the treadmill up and down?

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  11. The instructor will start you off on apx 11kph, saying this is the speed that you'd need to maintain to just get a pass (for my age/gender combination) but you're free to then adjust the speed as you want

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  12. OMG what a whinny post get on with it, you should be able to pass it anytime.
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  13. That's very good news. I get bored easily so being able to increase and vary the speed will be nice.

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  14. You get "bored" doing a 12 min run...wait till you've been on defence watches for a couple of days...
  15. Join boats and do it permanently (if you're a fwd watchkeeper that is) :)
  16. Join little boats like minehunters and after a couple of days we run out of hair gel and food, so have to find the nearest Supercuts and Tescos.
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  17. I have done defence watches. 6 on 6 off...beautiful. I get bored running on the spot. I'd much prefer to do the PJFT outside!

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  18. We all prefer running outside..but it's only for 12 or so minutes, it's not a major fecking life choice Princess.
  19. Jeez... Don't get your knickers in a twist!

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  20. Funnily enough I prefer it on a treadmill, well for 12 minutes that is. Not sure if id enjoy an hour of it. Looking at a field for 12 minutes isn't much more interesting than a wall

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