puttin' a ring on it?

Il be hopefully starting my basic training by the end of the year and wondered if there are major benefits the navy provides, financial or otherwise, to having a wife over a girlfriend when serving?
Iv been with my girlfriend for 4 years and have accepted that she's the lesser of about 6 billion evils...
Id probably be getting married at some point in the future anyway so I was wondering whether getting it done in the next few years would be beneficial?

...im a true romantic ey...
Beneficial, ffs when you get to foreign parts and all yer oppos are trapping and shagging anything that moves what will you be doing. Suppose you can go on the trips organised by the Padre:p
Haha see your point but iv lived my promiscuous youth... I'm happy drinking myself into a stupor without listening to some slapper rant on while I try to act charming

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