I have concluded that anything goes splendid on toast! Been having my main course on toast lately, or just having a meal on toast.

The missus got me hooked over the months. Just had a smashing meal of baked beans on toast! Ocassionally I'll put some vegemite on the toast then whatever. Vegemite seems to give things personality, but that's a matter of taste.

Anyone have any favourites on toast? :thumright:
Where have you been hiding Leatherneck ??.................
..babies Heads are individual steak and kidney puddings.
I prefer poached eggs on my toast. a Yorkshire Flatbread with half a dozen poached on top. :thumright:


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thingy said:
1) ham, cheese and a fried egg.......

2) cheese, blended with egg yolk and brown ale

3) babies heads.......
Cheesy hammy eggy!!!! Toast, slither of english mustard, cheese & ham, topped of with a fried egg, Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.
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