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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Benny687, Jun 1, 2007.

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  1. so its friday, sponged work off early, and made it home in time to watch "streetcrime uk" on bravo.

    I cant help feeling really sorry for these police, who spend most of their rime on this program arresting pissed up nuggets in city centres at kicking out time.

    if one of these dirty drunkards (please ignore my previous topic in the naafi) starts resisting arrest and swinging for the plod trying to nick him, it ends up taking 5 or 6 coppers to take them in, simply because they are only allowed to restrain and control the loony.

    cant help thinking that the job would be much simpler, faster and frankly, more satisfying, if they were allowed to fight back, crack them, drop, them and carry them gently into the meatwagon.

    at least the scrotes would have something to be scared of then, rather than a 80quid fine for public order.

    what you lot reckon?

  2. The laws a Fxxxxxxxxg joke mate , and the bloody scrotes know it , on the spot fines , asbos , waste of time , shop lifters only have to apologise and everything is fine , open door , shaken my head in bewilderment , country is mad . :hump: :tp: :w00t:
  3. Cant they use the pepper spray ??
    Wonder what will happen when the Tazer guns are more widely carried !!!!
  4. I have a cousin who is a policeman in Drumchapel, which is a pretty unpleasant area of Glasgow, they are completely powerless, especially because they only have 2 police cars for the whole area. Apparantely a couple of months ago they had their first knife attack of the day(!) reported at 11am. o_O just birch them...
  5. Don't you worry - the anger of restraining them is vented in the back of the van and it involves about a dozen boots flying into the shit-sacks when the cameras aren't on!

    :cwm10: :cwm10: :cwm10: :cwm10:
    :cwm10: :cwm10: :cwm10: :cwm10:
    _______ :whdat:

    _______ :crybaby:
  6. Our Police are a joke, PC Plod without the bad attitude and acting like social workers…

    Now your Italian Carabinieri. On holiday in Italy some years ago saw two 'Ingerlish' tourists in shorts and swilling lager annoying the local girls…

    Up pulls a landi with two rather nattily dressed Carabinieri, riding boots and breeches along with seriously tight fitting shirts and the obligatory shades. They told the twats to put their bottles in a bin and go home… 'I ain't doin' nuffin wrong copper… whatcher gonna do abaat it'?

    As soon as they found themselves staring down the barrels of a couple of Berretas their 'attitude' mellowed dramatically as they were cuffed and put in the back for a trip to the station.
  7. Harsh but effective. Sadly our guys just aren't supported because Big Brother has them under the microscope all day long. Too many fluffies who care more about the rights of louts and lawbreakers rather than those of the innocent and those who try to protect them.

    Law is an ass and seems more and more designed to safeguard the rights of these twats.


  8. I wouldn't like to live in a community like this but if it is the price of public safety I would accept it . Certainly something has to be done but until the authorities are allowed to act nothing can be achieved .No one is safe nowadays be it an elderly person or child . The scum know this and go for their lives . Vigilantes are operating in Alice Springs , a formerly friendly outback town but now over-run with out of control drunks and violence. Sad but a fact of life it appears . :threaten:

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