pussers socks

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by seenoffteefcuk, Aug 22, 2007.

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  1. thick or thin whats your preference and why?
  2. 2mm for summer months and flashed up watches, 4mm for the advent of the autumnal season.
  3. autunmal that just rolls off the tongue however to querry your dit i do remember the bunkspaces on s boats been very cold no matter what time of year so therefore it has to be thick
  4. thick always good for that extra cushioning when leaping from the top rack
  5. and held more man juice before dhobi required state
  6. and crash stopping punkah louvre vetillation
  7. Both of them are not 100% cotton so no good for AWD.
  8. thick. If stores would just give me a few more pairs i would never wear civvy socks :)
  9. Pusser's Love Socks,, Thick or Thin they only serve 1 purpose !!!
  10. trident what the hell is that all about
  11. you after a bite
  12. When I was on Repulse it was ''grade A rags''
  13. yehh m8 well your grot was next to AMS 1 hatch,,,,
  14. Thin everytime. DMS make my feet sweet too much as it is, and as trident mentioned they double up as the baby batter catchers.
  15. Only queers and Frenchmen wear thin socks.
    Thick sox are the only option for military men.
    Thin sox are just one step away from stockings.
  16. I don't wear pussers socks. They make my feet ming too much :(
  17. I must have slipped through the net. dont think I am french and i am def not queer, well my boyfriend says i aint. Thin are for the hard nuts that can stand cold feet. It stops hairy arsed stokers climbing in with ya if your feet are cold
  18. AHHHH the removal of boots(Dems my Steemers')DMS - that MMMMMM- Submarine moment
  19. Pusser's thick for my feet; gulch oppo's thin for cracking one off...
  20. As above, thick for wearing, thin for w***ing :thumright:

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