Pusser's secret battlecruiser

Pedant mode ON: I can't take this seriously. The picture incorporates parts of the HOOD/NELSON, and looks all wrong. iI the designer worked within Admiralty specifications, he still must've had on off day. The plans called for quadruple turrets, yet the photo purporting to be G3 has triple turrets. There was a plan to build 4 battle cruisers, suggested names being INVINCIBLE, INFLEXIBLE, INDOMITABLE and INDEFATIGABLE, only mounted on NELSON and RODNEY but were cancelled in February 1922 due to the Washington Naval Treaty of 1921. Could anyone confirm or deny that a ship of this size this could be built and launched into the Tees, as I have me doubts about this ?
The comments at the bottom of the on-line article suggest it was an April Fool - and has already done the rounds on RR!

"local naval historian Olaf Proli" :laughing2:
You lot are too quick, it wouldn't have worked if I'd put it in Lil's.

Off to the naughty step before the MOD's get me (it's a good dit though)


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Did notice the dateline.

Chaps might like to look at what was being scribbled on the backs of envelopes by the RCNC in 1945 until peace spoilt their game - Lion-class battleships, three Malta-class aircraft carriers etc etc. Even in the fifties they were planning 18,000 ton Seaslug-armed cruisers until Mountbatten cut through all that and sent them to design nuclear submarines instead.
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