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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by justlukeyou, Aug 9, 2013.

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  1. Hi,

    I went to my local charity shop and bought an immaculate enamal rum mug.

    It was branded as "Pusser's Rum". Has anyone heard if this please? Are the mugs collectable?
  2. If there the same as mine i had three they came free with a bottle of pussers rum gave one to an oppo and kept the other two. Looking at the ebay listing they are exactly the same.I have all sorts of pussers rum stuff decanters glasses these mugs a tot measure (plus a official one some small minatures stone jugs flagon which is still full of pussers and also a one gallon stone jar with wicker round it still sealed and full of the issue rum .I drank one and kept one
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  3. That's handy - looks like some of us are going there soon enough so we will promise to get you some souvenirs. Honest.
  4. You must be fkn joking
    Charity shops charge a fortune for most things and they even only pay 1/4 business rates. The CEO and head office staff pay themselves a fortune and expect the shop staff to work for feck all.
    If you make a profit KEEP IT!
  5. Could have stuck a picture on? Some of the older members might have started sobbing mind you!!!
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  6. Interesting......

    Are you interested in selling said gallon stone jar still sealed? a donation will be made to HMS Ganges association (as well as your fee). Pm me if interested.
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  8. How much did you buy it in the charity shop for? Do you buy stuff just to sell on ebay or do you just happen to have a wide range of random junk you sell on ebay? Not that aforementioned cup thing is junk, just the rest of the stuff yo selling
  9. For those of us who were used to drawing PROPER Pussers rum, the current "Pussers" is a poor substitute. Yes, it's the right strength, yes, it's very tasty, but it ain't like a pusser's tot. Wood's 100% is more like the real deal, and much cheaper.
    All the gizzits and flash containers are just additional revenue earners for the current proprieters, but since they contribute to the Tot Fund I'll still continue to buy the odd bottle. Wood's however can be bought for £20 a bottle as against nearly £30 for "Pusser's Rum".

  10. The nearest I found to Clarence Yard's finest was Four Bells: only available overseas for ages but not now seen anywhere.
  11. Ah! soleil, once again, you're a star. X
  12. The ex M O D blend that i get is far superior definitely to woods !!.IT is also better than pussers a lot more clear and crisp and not as clacky although i like it all except capt morgan and lambs
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  13. Is that this one?

    Black Tot "Last Consignment" British Royal Naval Rum
  14. That is serious stuff Soleil, the artwork on the site is well in keeping with the history.
  15. AAF

    AAF War Hero

  16. The thing is i have still got a gallon of this rum as i have already said .i baught at 146 quid a jar i drank one (not all at once) and still have the other which i shall keep .I fact there is still a quantity of this rum still around i dont know haw much but there is i have a gallon .This rum that is been used here is genuine ,but there was some come to light a little later on and is still around
  17. I'd sell it if I was you, seems to have some side effects
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  18. IIRC The best 'side effect' is that appetite was enhanced in the same ratio as the diminishment of the taste buds.

    eg After one barely-attended mismuster I feasted grandly on a mere fistful of raw onions before rigging-up and proceeding shore-sides.

    (Somehow, my usual charms failed to make any impression that evening and I've often wondered why...?)

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