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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Crabman, Aug 22, 2007.

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  1. Some may argue that the History forum might be more appropriate to this title. However, having read about Pussers rum elswhere I felt compelled, perhaps obliged to try and get some. Not easy, the NAAFIA was no use - surprise- and most shops have never heard of it. However a local purveyor of liquid refreshment who sells all kinds of wonderful stuff actually has some, but not in the shop window, he keeps it under the counter! Although not being a rum person I must admit it is good stuff, the only problem being at 54% proof it's a bit strong neat, is it regarded as treason or similar to dilute it with water and if not how much dilution is recommended?

    As I cannot share it with you I will at least hold the bottle close to the screen for you to get a sniff.

    I said sniff the screen not lick it! :thumright:
  2. got a bottle of 15 year old pussers at home crabman, and it needs no dilution of any sort
  3. Surely it depends on your rank? ;)
  4. Some years ago my youngest daughter ran an Off licence in Suffolk, and as I lived in London we only saw each other infrequently. However , being a very dutiful daughter she always kept Pussers Rum available when I was due to visit. The O ff licence was almost next door to the British Legion , which also hosted the local branch of the RNA . and whenever one of the members caught sight of the Pussers on the shelf, they always tried to buy it. She , bless her, always said " No ,that's for my Dad" I'm eternally grateful that I had the sense to bring her up properly and with the right priorities.
  5. Why didn't she have two bottles?
  6. Smartarse! I bet if you ever sat around the messdeck at tot-time you got a kick out of ruining everyone's dit !
  7. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer


    1. Young lady
    2. Worked in an off licence
    3. Likes rum
    4. Dad's an ex-matelot...

    Ronalder, you got any phots?!!

    :wink: :lol:
  8. Grant's Vatted was 100% proof, and the old Navy Rum was 98.5%, so 54% is watered down enough methinks.. !! ;)

    If you search the threads here, or websearch, you'll find the details of where to get the good stuff... :thumright:
  9. Take Jug of chilled water and try 1 and 1 mix if that is to weak reduce mix until it suits your taste. Only use a small amounts of rum until you get you mix correcy. As we all started drinking it mixed 1 rum two water or 1 rum 1 water on boats of course you can put ice water in.

  10. Did you want a photo of :-
    a / the young lady
    b/ the off licence
    c/ the rum
    d/the ex matelot?
  11. I'll second that. I'm opening mine in later December. If you tag along with Nutty, it will be available by the rummer glassful. RSVP via my Drinks Secretary..... GR I think.... ;)
  12. Bookers, and Makro stores all hold Blue Label Pussers. Go's for about £20 quid a bottle inc. Vat. Oribble stuff, never touch it myself^~
  13. St Austell breweries also have a really good dark rum, around 80percent I think.
  14. Thought you were a Dusty Whitemouse?

    BR93 Chapter 7 Para 0702. Issuing strength of spirit.
    "The regulation issuing strength of spirit is 4.5 percent under proof"
    That was always 95.5% in my book!

  15. You are confusing proof and alcohol by volume. Woods 100 proof rum is 57% by volume which equates to 99.75 proof, most ordinary spirits are sold as 40% by volume or 70 proof.
    I'm not an alky but I like my Woods!
  16. Well said lamptramp - proof, and alcohol by volume are confused all the time. I'm not exactly sure what proof actually means but the 'by volume' bit is straightforward enough.

    I have a small bottle of Sunset Very Strong Rum which was brought back from St Vincent by one of the West Indian lads that works in PORFLOT.

    This is 84.5% by volume and way stronger than pussers rum was. It's white rum and you have to drink it VERY slowly - I do anyway! Its produced by St Vincent Distillers Ltd - you can find them with Google.
  17. Pedantic old bastard that I am
    "British proof spirits
    In Britain alcohol by volume is now used. This replaced the Sikes hydrometer system (based on proof spirit) which was used since 1816, although officially the Customs and Excise Act of 1952 defined "spirits of proof strength" (or proof spirits):

    "Spirits shall be deemed to be at proof if the volume of the ethyl alcohol contained therein made up to the volume of the spirits with distilled water has a weight equal to that of twelve-thirteenths of a volume of distilled water equal to the volume of the spirits, the volume of each liquid being computed as at fifty-one degrees Fahrenheit."
    Previously, Clarke's hydrometer had been used since the 1740s when Customs and Excise and London brewers and distillers began to use it.

    In this system, spirit of 100 degrees proof contains 57.1% alcohol by volume or 49.28% alcohol by weight at 51 deg F (10.6 deg C) and is equivalent to 114.2 proof in the USA. Pure ethanol is 175 degrees proof. [1]"

    Hence Your rum Tufty would be aprox 147.8 proof, no wonder it is consumed slowly
  18. Pedant mode on - BR93 chapter 7 para 0703 Testing strength of spirit.
    "Originally 'proof' was used to describe that mixture of pure alcohol and water which, when used to dampen black gunpowder grains made in the Royal Arsenal at Woolwich of a known consistency and therefore a known flash point, just allowed the powder to be ignited by the sun through a burning glass; if there was too much water the powder would not burn, and if there was too little it ignited too readily. The importance of 'proof' was, and is, primarily in connection with the assessment of excise duty."
    "The strength of proof spirit is expressed as 100; a mixture weaker than proof is expressed as being either so much per cent 'under proof' or as having a proof strength below 100; thus '30 per cent (or degrees) under proof' is the same as '70 per cent proof'. Similarly mixtures stronger than proof are expressed as 145 per cent proof or 45 degrees over proof."

    mode off
  19. And burnt with a clear flame!!

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