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Pussers Rum Sale...Bargain


Lantern Swinger
From tomorrow at NETTO's....

Pusser's Rum, 75cl for only £10.99

Thur, Jan 6th

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Is it "red label"? That's the 42% ABV one and I believe it's a standard 0.7 L bottle. The "overproof" is "blue label". Still brilliant value, though.
Having looked at the Web link that Soleil so kindly provided and I find that I was talking bollox. Ah well, not the first; unlikely to be the last.

I am confused now, though, as I bought some 42%ABV in Lichfield the other week and it had a red label. All my blue label is 47.75%ABV.


War Hero
Thanks for the heads up R12, I hadn't seen the flyer this week. My local branch only had three bottles, (had being the operative word, they are now safely stowed in my personal rum store).
For your info PoL, they are red label 42%, but no less a bargain for all that, particularly as VAT went up today.
I very much like the flavour of Pusser's, but find that (in my memory, having drawn neaters for six years) the nearest in taste to rum as issued is Wood's 100, which is 57% ABV, darker, and sharper on the palate than Pusser's. I had the pleasure of sharing a bottle with my youngest son on his 40th birthday last week!
Wood's also has the distinct advantage of being less than £20 a bottle (£19.70 Morrisons last week) as against the £27 odd of full strength Pusser's (couple of months ago).
Anyway, who cares? Sandy bottoms and a Happy New Year to you all.

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