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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by HORNBLOWER, Jun 3, 2007.

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  1. :money: I trust I am in the correct forum for this and apologise if this has been raised before ....................

    Being a drinker of rum and any alcohol really but in particular Pussers Rum, Mrs Hornblower, being the fine lady she is, on the bicentenary of Trafalgar, purchased Hornblower the full set of decanters from the Pussers Rum collection, all displaying the Trafalgar additions and mightily fine they all are, and of course, they are full of vintage Pussers !

    One snag, I managed after some difficulty to gain entry to one of the decanters so I could toast the great man himself but in doing so, made a right old mess of it and discovered I had some floaters in my pussers.

    Any tips on how to gain entry to the said decanters would be greatfully received. They are currently sealed with an extremely dry wax which when attacked tend to disintegrate into small bits. Not good.

    Secondly, how's about some Rum related stories of which I am sure there will be thousands, especially from all you salty old types who saw service long before I did.
    Looking forward to your efforts !!!

    HORNBLOWER :money: :threaten: :w00t:

  2. To remove wax take scalpel or small knife, then set up the tube attachment of your vacuum cleaner by the wax switch it on and gently scrape away the wax which will be sucked straight into the Hoover. You could also try melting it with a gas oven lighter but then I have not tried that method.


    Currently, due to the cheap cost of rum in Spain my drinks locker contains 1ltre Woods at 54% Proof cost £11.75, 1X70cl. bottle Mount Gay Cost £5.50, 1X1 Ltre Captain Morgans a gift, 1X70cl. 1x70cl of 15 year old Pussers a gift, 2X70cl bottles of Ron Anejo Old Reserve a Spanish golden rum like Mount Gay cost in closing down sale in local super market £2.06p per bottle.

    If your passing Murcia pop in for a Tot.

    PPS. In Gib, Pussers is about £8 a 1X1 ltre bottle but if you cross back into Spain you can only bring 1 bottle out. That's cos Gib is not in the EC.
  3. :bball: (If your passing Murcia pop in for a Tot)
    Top man and many thanks for the invite, it just so happens that I have a mate (ex RS) who has an abode in Playa Flamenca, so not a huge distance from your good self so you might well find us banging on your door !
    No rum dits then old chap ?
    HORNBLOWER :money: :thanks: ^_^; :hockey:
  4. Alternatively, take a tea towel and immerse in hot water, wrap said tea towel around the seal of the decanter and leave for a min. This should soften the wax enough to remove it without it breaking up. I have done this once and it did work - although I did receive a few minor scalds to the hands.
  5. Wear working gloves

  6. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I had some Rum last night, it was a Kiwi brew and particularly smooth, I'm buggered if I can remember the name though, ended in .?.?.?.berg, superb stuff.
  7. Bundaberg, Blobs? AGGGHHHH it's Aussie stuff from Queensland, had a few( a few too many) last time I was in Oz(about 4 Years ago) with the OH's cousin, got so sloshed I had a cigarette.. boom, breaking strain of a KitKat, back on 10 a day. I'd been off the fags for 5 years.( Gave up again in January this year) The OH's cousin is also fond of Appleton Estate Rum, very mellow. Never touched the stuff again. Now if your talking about Malts.....
  8. Hornblower mate, with the fullest confidence I can say that any seasoned rum rat of the 50's and 60's could gain entry to the said decanter, drain the contents whilst still leaving your wax seal looking good as new :thumright:
    Nav Yeo
  9. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Thats the kit mate, feckin nice it was to, our resident kiwi introduced me to it last night. I had the pleasure of a trip around the Appleton estate in jamacia at crimbo time. Was with a big party of yanks from one of the cruise ships....no prizes for guessing who kicked the arrse out of the rum tasting session at the end of the tour.... :salut:
  10. As for removing floaters/broken glass from booze weather it be Rum or wine. you need a piece of cloth (fine weave), place it over a large bowl or jug, pour contents of bottle into receptacle, the cloth will filter any solids out. You can then either down the booze, or place it in a suitable receptacle sans solids
  11. :toilet: (Hornblower mate, with the fullest confidence I can say that any seasoned rum rat of the 50's and 60's could gain entry to the said decanter, drain the contents whilst still leaving your wax seal looking good as new)
    Mucho gratsi ass ............. point taken...........I doubt I could lay claim to being a seasoned rum rat due to my joining date of '71 so I shall use that as an excuse ! Hows about some quality rum issue type sea dits then chaps ? :toilet:
  12. One of the many rum dits I can recall was in Dolphin 2 . The galley party always led the queue for the tot for obvious reasons . Now , in conspiracy with the jack dusty, first the water was poured into the barrel under the supervision of a senior rate then a junior officer came on the scene to observe the rum poured . During the measuring of the water one measure was left at the bottom of the tub . This was filled with ' neaters ' during the rum pour . Then with much movement of arms the mixture was given a thorough stir but with the neaters left intact . The first six or so in the queue had to down a two and one measure glass of neat rum but somebody had to do it . I can still hear the ones that ended up with the weak brew complaining about the quality of their tot . A good start before heading over ' the bridge ' and the Bass house in Sqeezegut alley.
  13. double spicy and coke for me! (morgan spiced) my favour tipple from my many times in the Falklands. 22 pence for said item, bring it on. Only a few places here in England sell it thought, mainly wetherspoons, who charge the earth. Jesus thanks to this, I have woken up with more than my fair share of crock'a'dillapigs...
  14. RNAS Lossiemouth.
    Tot for junior rates issued in the foyer next to the dining hall. When tot finished the residue was taken to the adjacent heads and poured down the nearest sink. This was duly witnessed by the officer. Unknown to the officer the sink outlet had been re plumbed and the contents diverted, thus saving the grog. Woe betide any JR using this sink to wash his hands during tot muster.
  15. :tp: :toilet: Quality rum dits chaps. :tp: :toilet:
  16. Much of the booze I buy comes in bottles with sealing wax covering the cork, especially quality calvados and 30 year old Port. My method is to use my stainless steel knife sharpener (the old long heavy things) and gentle tap the sealing wax until it comes off. I used to use a small cobblers hammer or should that be a cobblers small hammer! :biggrin:
  17. If my memory is not misleading me the old rum jar was sealed with red sealing wax, which was removed with gentle tapping using the standard pussers cork screw, and then carefully cleaned before the cork itself was pulled. Mind you the last time I supervised the issue of rum from jars was 67.

    The Dolphin ii dit was interestin, I supervised the rum issue there once or perhaps twice and never noticed anything untoward, though we always seemed to have enough neaters left for the boats crew if Dolphin was 'rowing the guard', went down well particularly on a cold winters night.

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